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  1. You belong to the streets, what kind of narcissist hangs a very hot photo of themselves above their bed lmao

  2. If she’s not a very good girlfriend. But I feel like there’s a lot of information being left out so she’s bringing an ultimatum. She’s probably really frustrated. And I don’t know what your situation has been like up till now. Do what you need to do for yourself it is always the best policy when you’re dating. You’re not married to her you don’t have children just do what you need to do for yourself.

  3. We actually have discussed me moving closer to her family. However, our home has already been approved for my son. I also have the issue of wanting to continue visitation with his maternal grandma. While she is a good distance away, she is still driving distance (over 8 hours, my son is terrified of planes). If I moved it would cause great distress to my son as I have already discussed with him he could still see her and have contact with her. Our home has also already been approved by CPS and they say to move that far will cause delays in him transitioning to my custody. I do not want to further traumatize him. I would also lose my job and I have a relative in a care home here that I visit often. The logistics just don’t work at the present moment, I’d be open to it in the future however.

  4. You being there doesn't fix his depression and it won't magically disappear. That is up to him to put the effort and work to fix it himself. Whether that is him going to therapy, reaching out, or trying to build a better life.

  5. I’m definitely thinking about that. I don’t want to accept this! But it is really hot when you are so happy in the relationship.

  6. Lived in the UK. Find an NHS dentist. They are cheaper. Budget for the trip before hand so that paying isnt an issue. But definitely get him to brush twice a day.

    Also a quick clean every 6 months is far cheaper than a root canal.


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