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17 thoughts on “Rim-mlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Yeah, no I know. I’m trying, but I feel like I’m coming off as selfish or something.

    I’ve never done anything like this before, be there for some who has severe depression.

    It’s been exhausting, and I know I need to take care of my mental state as well.

    I just gotta word it where she won’t feel like she’s being abandoned

  2. If that's all you know about that that. You are probably missing a conversation. Talk to him, ask him why, explain you need more, that you don't feel wanted or loved. And hopefully that can solve your problem.

  3. These are levels of overthinking I haven't seen in a while. My guy just say: I have feelings for you and I was wondering if you felt the same. Ask her that when you two are somewhere alone. Trust me, you'll be glad you've done it no matter how she responds. Just think, you might be fumbling the chance to be with someone you really like and that might like you back. Like Nike says, Just Do It.

  4. It also seems to be your wife’s opinion. If you are such a star spangled awesome partner why are you looking at divorce and a subreddit that is overwhelmingly siding with your partner, despite only getting your side of the story?

  5. No it’s not fair to put the blame on her only. But neither is it fair to put the blame on him only. They both wanted this. They both fucked up. They both have to acknowledge their role in the situation.

  6. You are like my ex and me. We didn’t plan so much for our future, but one day we had the conversation about children. He was sure he didn’t want children and even though we still loved each other, we decided to break up. It’s 6 years later now; I am mother to a cute little baby girl and he is living the good life travelling the world. There is no resentment and we are still good friends. All because we were honest with each other and ourselves and we both had enough time to still get the life we wanted. Your girlfriend is 30, her biological clock is ticking. Please let her have time to find the father of her future child. It will be better for both of you.

  7. It’s not wrong to have standards don’t let anyone make you feel bad about this. If you’re looking for something long term he might not be the 1. Your break up might be what he needs to get his life together so he can see this isn’t a long term sustainable life path. But I used to waitress when i was 19 and there was a guy there who was 47 and still lived with his parents and paid rent to them. He was lovely and funny and actually quite attractive physically but his entire life set up was a major ew so he was still single

  8. I’m not even 100% sure that my fiancee hasn’t cheated on me at some point while we’ve been together and then massaged the truth

    I see what you did there …nice

    But yeah it sounds like she's been lying ask for her cell and check for deleted messages or photos. If there is nothing anywhere but also nothing in her deleted files folder she's Def untrustworthy.

    Sorry OP I wish it had been nothing

  9. There wasn't a question in here. I'm assuming your question is “am I doing the right thing?” and the answer is ABSOLUTELY.

    Let's step for a second. You've been living together for 3.5 years. At best, that means you moved in together when you were 19 and he was 29. That's…an age gap. You are working at the same place. He's almost certainly using money and work to manipulate you into staying. You don't enjoy the time you do spend with him. That all adds up to a relationship that isn't worth staying in.

    You are doing the right thing. When is the lease up? End things as soon as you can so you can start the process of moving forward in your life.

  10. So what you know about him: 1. He’s a liar, who is more than comfortable lying to you about your relationship. 2. He’s extremely shallow, brags about you being younger than him, NOT as a joke. This indicates what he finds valuable and desirable in a partner. 3. He sleeps with anyone who gives him the option 4. He manipulated someone into leaving their husband to sleep with them. 5. HE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A FUCKING HIGHSCHOOL CHILD. Idk what the law says, that’s a fucking child and his behavior is beyond repulsive.

    If all you’re worried about is him cheating on your and leaving you when you’re older, then yes, of course he’s going to do that. He probably won’t wait until you’re much older before he starts cheating, but yeah he’s absolutely going to leave you for a younger girl when he’s older and the option presents himself. That being said, that really shouldn’t be all that worries you. The fact that he’s apparently a disgusting person should really worry you.

  11. It's called a starter home. The entitlement that first time home buyers deserve some grand, modern home with all the amenities is absurd. Get a house you can afford, build equity, learn to renovate or budget for improvements.

  12. So you want him to do manual labor for 13 hours a day, come home and do house chores, then hand over the majority of his paycheck for the bills? All while you spend just five hours a day working from home and putting your money away? A relationship is a partnership. The arrangement you seem to want is not a boyfriend but an indentured servant.


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