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8 thoughts on “Rosie live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Cut Offs are very rarely healthy for people. Whatever the story is Rose has a right to know People spend tens of thousands of dollars in therapy struggling with the cut offs that the generation before them made, and trying to heal those relationships

    I would meet with the sister and hear her story.

  2. You kinda just stuck it sounds like. I agree with his parent’s reasoning and obviously your thinking is short sighted BUT at a certain point you value personal space and growth more than saving money.

    Their argument makes total sense on paper but living in a van is cheaper than my rent im not going to do that either.

    Ultimately its his call obviously and if he doesn’t mind living at home where food and rent are free and life is easy while banking a bunch of money i cant really blame him.

    If its a line in the sand then draw it and give an ultimatum but his parents are not going to like you from that point on if you stay together bc its not his choice its yours.

  3. LOL just stop

    Go do the right thing

    The amount of mental gymnastics you are doing to validate yourself is ridiculous.

    And it's not like you don't know what the right thing is. Your wife is NOT going to get any cheaper to divorce, and from the sounds of it, she KNOWS you are cheating but maybe lacks the proof or she is even maybe saving the proof

    You are not being a good husband, a good father, a good person or a good boyfriend.

  4. You guys are quibbling over the definition of commitment as if it at all changes the problem. The reason is because it’s a smokescreen to whether the issues she is raising are legitimate or not. Here’s the breakdown:

    She won’t commit because she feels insecure.

    She claims her insecurity is a natural and logical reaction to your behavior and therefore you need to change your behavior before she will change hers (fallacy – her emotional response to your actions is not your responsibility; you’re not in charge of it)

    You aren’t ready to move past either her past infidelities or her current manipulations.

    Buddy, she’s claiming she won’t stop her manipulations and controlling behavior because you are holding her at arms length until you feel safe around her.

    Bruh. My man. My guy. My dude. She laid it all out for you. She’s a shitty person and she wants to blame her shitty behavior on you.

  5. If your current therapist isn't helpinf with your self worth issues, you need to find a different therapist or start applying yourself and working towards changing your mindset

    Right now, the only thing stopping you from being happy is you.


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