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  1. He wants to stay at home to care for your dog while you go to work everyday and pay all the bills?

    If you pay all the bills while he just sits at home doing nothing he isn’t your partner he is one of your pets. I would replace him with a better pet – maybe add a kitty into the mix, at least they can mostly take care of themselves.

  2. Very small town, this hasn’t ever been an issue before, as some of our prior partners are invoked at the school our kids go to, as well as local community events. It’s a bit unavoidable. Additionally, most of them are very kind people within the community

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  4. What do you mean you hooked up with someone and didnt have sex. What DID you do exactly? Oral? Mutual masturbation? We’re you naked together? Did you touch private parts under or over clothes? Did you make out? Did you have a conversation?

    What actually happened?

  5. I don’t have a problem with open relationships.

    And: If you’re the breadwinner, and do all the childcare and household labor, there’s the big problem. He works, games, and that’s it? And his income isn’t even up to his expenses? He doesn’t sound like a real partner.

    Maybe if he did more, you’d both have more time and energy for intimacy. Or if you open up the relationship, it would at least feel fairer, because you’re both getting a decent amount of “you” time and support from each other.

    Without him providing much support, it just sounds selfish for him to want more freedom and money for him.

    I say this as something of a slacker myself. I’m not the best partner. But I’m offended at how you’ve described his contribution. And with that context, it’s a hell of a time to ask for an open relationship.

    I don’t blame him for wanting an open relationship though. I wanted one too. I got one. I’ve liked that freedom even if I don’t use it that much. And otherwise I’d have some FOMO.


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