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  1. Stay as long as you want to learn what you want to learn and then roll out. I don't have a problem with the stipulations on the money because inheritances are not typically marital property anyway. But him using the business as a carrot to keep you working for him when he intends to leave it to his daughter is bullshit. So stick around as long as it's useful for you and then do your own thing. Then he can explain to his daughter how to run the place.

  2. For real, was gonna leave exactly the same comment. Childhood friend in love with well-established adult woman who treated him with kindness when he was down on his luck growing up? Ignores her established relationship to shower her with lavish gifts and demand more and more of her time? Rents a prop mansion to impress her, and makes his money from some kind of vague startup with a web of mysterious connections? Takes her to a gala?? Disappears after ultimate rejections?? Fails to achieve the American dream??? IS NAMED JAY!?

    I'm fairly certain OP has simply been doing some live! Great Gatsby roleplay with these posts for entertainment, but I'm not mad. It was fun putting the pieces together.

  3. This woman and their decisions wreaked havoc on a lot of peoples lives, and she is well known to being in love with him despite it all.

    Why does it sound like you hold her more responsible than him? they both wreaked havoc on multiple people's lives and now they're wreaking havoc on yours.

    He continued to entertain this woman's attentions for years, even when you are living in the same house as him, instead of decisively cutting her off.

    It's weird that you're saying 'she is well known to being in love with him despite it all' when it looks like you're heading down the dame path?? He sounds awful and selfish. What do you need to know to convince you to dump him?? Like, how far does he need to disrespect you for you to get that he's a selfish piece of shit?

  4. It’s abusive and it’s regurgitate misogyny from Andrew rate and those alike. if you commit to this guy you’re in for a treat (a really awful treat that will likely suck out a lot of your livelihood and valuable time)

    don’t fall for it

  5. You need to be with someone who loves you as more than a roommate. If she is cheating, all the more so. Regardless, you have the wherewithal to get out, do so while the getting is good, and find your real soulmate. All the best.


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