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  1. if i had the same problem before she was pregnant whats the difference? when she delivers the baby the problem will still be the same. so be in a unhappy relationship just because shes pregnant and ignore my feelings and needs completely? gotcha.

  2. I think you think

    If she takes care of kids + Y amount of chores < She Works + Y amount of chores


    She Works + Y amount of chores = WFH + X amount of chores

    Then She takes care of kids + Y amount of chores < WFH + X amount of chores

    The question is have you communicated any of this? What was the discussion for her working for from home?

    Was more house chores for her part of it? Was it finically reasons? Was it tempest?

  3. Expecting her to get an abortion because wants it is shitty. And saying she’s horrible for what? Because she doesn’t want to get an abortion? They all consented to a threesome. She got pregnant. The friend can’t dictate what she does with her body because she got pregnant by her bf. They should’ve been smarter to prevented it

  4. You aren't overreacting. I agree with the above comments about him finally revealing his authentic self now that you are actually needing him to be responsible. It is honestly easier dealing with pregnancy and post partum as a single mom than it is with a bad partner. I've done both.

    As a mom myself, something that might be causing the fussiness is gas or difficulty moving bowels (really common first 4-8wks), gently massaging under the belly button and doing bicycle motions and “happy baby” pose usually helps a lot.

  5. share something like an amazon wish list with him. Take him to a florist and build an arrangement together to give him a better idea of what you like. Is he pretty inexperienced in relationships?

  6. Personally (f) I don’t super enjoy oral sex done on myself and I’ve heard from many other women that it’s not their things either. Not every pussy is the same and some just aren’t as sensitive to really get a lot out of that type of stimulation. It can be naked to be honest with him especially at such a young age and with less experience but you will feel so relieved if you do explain to him it’s something you don’t prefer. Or you could work on different technique than just all tongue. Suggest trying something different next time he wants to go down.

    Maybe somebody else will chime in with a better way to approach it gently with him as I tend to be pretty to the point with ppl hah.


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