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  1. Idk, got a few questions… Most important question is who did she go to the bar with? Was she willing to stop by at 12:45 AM? If she was trashed, how did she get home? Perhaps dig a bit deeper to know how she ended up “trashed” after telling you she’d only have 1 drink? ?

  2. Neither one of you seem grown up enough to be raising 2 babies and yet you are. Do better. You are a married couple with 2 small children, be the partners you are suppose to be and stick together or you'll end up divorced living back with your parents to few peoples suprise.

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  4. You can't worry about not helping her because you don't know if the child is yours. She was sleeping around so in reality it's a possibility that the child is not yours.

  5. Never set ultimatums or expect a person to change as a condition of marriage because the only way they can succeed is if you become a manipulator and inflexible. Things change and what happens in 5 years when they no, maybe you have kids or careers. Call off the engagement and move back home. And remember after being away all this time you may have an idealized view that of home that won’t online up to your expectations.

  6. May i ask how old you both are? It seems like you both have handled it in a mature manner. Glad you're ok now. These things are nude!

  7. Time to pull out the ultimatum.

    If he's going to continue to refuse to work on the relationship, you divorce him.

  8. I remember years ago, I was in a fairly toxic relationship, we never combined finances and it was easy for me to pack and say, see ya. It was bad enough I paid for a car & he titled it in his name while I was at work. (bought it from his friend)

  9. Yay! Good for you. You deserve better and don’t ever let him convince you to get back together.


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