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Model from: de

Languages: de,en

Birth Date: 1984-02-04

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureRomantic

10 thoughts on “s-te-fan-ilive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. He's a teenager, barely getting started into adulthood. While he was in high school, you were, I assume, at uni and/or working. Different points in life. Different maturity wise.

    I can't even understand that you like someone his age. When I was 24, I wouldn't get near a 18 yo.

  2. e has been struggling with extreme social anxiety for years and has never been able to make friends on his own.

    but no trouble calling an escort service and having sex with her.

    this excuse for peoples behavior is getting so old.

    HE PAID to have sex in YOUR HOME while you were away and you dont know what to do??????

  3. How did he make it abut himself? How would you answer or react to this sort of revelation? Personally, I also wouldn't necessarily know how to react and maybe have asked the same thing.

    Some of you are looking to make him the bad guy, when he just got told terrible news about something awful that happened to his wife. I don't know how you guys expect a shocked person to give the most perfect and thoughtful response imaginable. The guy clearly didn't know what to say, but felt the need to say something because staying quiet isn't an option here either.

  4. I’m still gonna take some time to marinate on it but he’s done other things. Lied to me about losing his job then telling me last (he lost it cause he was stealing from his job). I’ve financially carried him on multiple vacations we’ve gone on even when he knew months in advance and didn’t save or let me know he didn’t have the money. Didn’t use a condom and didn’t tell me until months after. This is just the cherry on the pie

  5. Is it possible that you're just not ready for a relationship right now? Vulnerability is a key component in any relationship, and already, you're afraid to show any. Your insecurities and trust issues should have been the first thing you addressed with him. Not only does it give him a heads up about the kind of care he'll need to take with you, but it also opens a line of communication for you when you, inevitably, start to feel insecure. I'm not trying to be mean or suggest that you've done anything wrong, I just think it's safer to avoid any and all red flags until you stop seeing them everywhere. He's definitely raising some red flags, but it's also possible you're just paranoid, and that's a tough place to be in. It's also a tough spot to put him in. You're clearly self-aware and actively holding yourself accountable, which is amazing, and I'm proud of you for that. Perhaps you should end things with him and allow yourself more time for personal growth. Sometimes, people want to trust again so badly that it clouds their judgment. I think maybe trust has more to do with our own self-esteem/respect than it does with others because when we know what we deserve, we're less likely to settle for less.

  6. Maybe not, but in public it's a sign to everyone in sight that you are at least trying for some intimate touching

  7. Some BSs say that emotional cheating is worse than physical because of all the lies, affair fog , and gaslighting.

    OP, I suggest you break it off now. You’re still young. Can you ever trust her again after all the trickle truths? A truly remorseful person would:

    BEG for a second chance Be completely honest Cut off all contact with AP


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