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  1. As a few other commenters have pointed out, it seems very possible husband was not a willing participant either. very important info I think either way

  2. Does FTB somehow mean friends with benefits? FWB?

    Even if you don't date, having sex ( or doing sexual acts ) is still going to complicate things. I wouldn't do it with my closest friend group. It's a bigger risk, up to you whether you want to take that risk

  3. It's not that without this one friendship I will collapse… It's just that I've been taking blow after blow right to my face in my personal life (other aspects completely unrelated to this friendship).

  4. No. You're annoying for demanding to spend time with your siblings and making a big stink if they choose not to. They get to choose not to spend time with you. Being a sibling isn't a free passport to demand their time. Plus, sorry, but honestly, from your posts and comments, you seem like kind of a bummer to be around.

  5. Leave him. Problem solved. Continually complaining about it in the internet will not change his behavior.

  6. Lol “expensive piece of hardware” that really is one of the most expensive things I own, that I’m constantly leaving everywhere? I used to regularly go hang with friends and leave my phone in a whole different TOWN for a week before I had the chance to go get it back. Idk sounds like you love your phone, but mine is one vacation away from being left at Yellowstone lol.

  7. When I read this, what pops out to me is phd student boyfriend who can’t pay for things and is not so good at communicating that. My first thought is that he is having 2 problems with his PhD, one related to his advisor/research and two related to his funding. My ?️take is that he couldn’t afford to pay for the whole order so pretended like the app wasn’t working as a cover. Could tie into the larger potential narrative that OP’s boyfriends is insecure and comparing himself to her which is creating an overall insecurity from which he can’t communicate his congratulations (or even really communicate) authentically.


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