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  1. or simply ignore her bc that’s not who you identify as anymore! don’t acknowledge them until they acknowledge you and give you respect

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  3. First relation starting already on long dustance have little hope to work out. I personally believe it's not worth investing time in them in general.

    If you still want to work it out she needs to tell her family she has broken up eith her ex and is with. Later, but soon you should visit her and be introduced to her parents casually.

  4. So you fucked around and found out. Leave your ex alone. Let the guy find someone who will not treat him as the second best option.

  5. He's an idiot. You got to 23 as a virgin the same way he got to 34 completely uneducated. You don't need to bleed the first time you have sex. A lot of women break their hymen before, whether during masturbation or some non sexual activity like sports. Breaking your hymen also doesn't need to lead to visible bleeding. So he's very obviously uneducated and ignorant. On top of that your first time was painful, it shouldn't have been and that's on him. There was no hymen to break for you so at most it could have been a little uncomfortable due to not being used to being stretched like that or possibly being hit in the cervix. Other than that if it was actually painful I'm thinking he didn't prepare you and turn you on enough. It's also incredibly creepy that he cares so much about being your first and on top of that he is making such a fuss about your virginity that he made you cry and now you think you have to prove something to him. You don't. And the fact that he's acting like this at 34 doesn't make it better. I only see red flags.

  6. It’s not default you arrived there.

    It’s unfortunate you don’t even know.

    This is where your spiritual journey takes holding pattern to the end.

    We all make choices.

  7. lol you clearly have no idea what are you talking about

    I didn't talk about anything, I asked you questions because I don't understand and I am curious.

  8. Lack of paying child support knowing he had a kid, no contact for over a decade. going as far as saying he didn’t want them— all of that can absolutely factor into him not seeing his kids. In my state, my ex lost his rights for doing similar things on the premise of abandonment.

    You cannot just willingly choose not to participate in your kids’ life and then expect visitation time.

  9. Is he circumcised? that is a leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction. If he is, that can very well be a huge part of it.

  10. He wasn’t on drug’s when I met him. He started working a trucking job and met ppl during his work day. He moved to my city and didn’t know anyone. He started this about 15 months ago. I only have his plugs information bc I added him on fb


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