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Model from: fr

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Birth Date: 1997-08-14

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

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Subculture: subcultureGlamour

9 thoughts on “saphiyraamorelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. i need more context, i think that the real kink about rape fantasies lies in the dom/sub part of it, i´m a 23F and i would be lying if i said i never had this fantasy about my partner dominating me in that way (both fully consenting ofc), i think it´s mostly a submission and domination thrill, to me it´s not a red flag necessarily as long as you set rules before hand and both parties have consent , a lot of people have a sexual kink that´s usually frowned upon, vanilla sex is okay for some but not for all

  2. I’m so sorry for you, weigh is such a sensitive topic. I suppose I’d be worried if you didn’t notice it but you do and it sounds like you’re making moves to do better!! So amazing job so proud of you!!

    As for your husband…. Boy does he need a talking too. First of all I come form a family of 9 boys. And rule number one that all of us know is you NEVER under any circumstance put someone down (Especially a lady) for their weight. You’re husband needs to grow the fuck up. A successful marriage is impossible if he can’t be honest with you. It sounds like you’ve confronted him and that’s great but if I was you I’d make things very very clear and real to him. This kind of behavior from a man is absolutely unacceptable! And especially to his own wife of 15 years. I’d say marriage counseling is a great idea but he may also have some underlying mental health issues. But whatever the reason it’s absolutely understandable for him to talk about you like that. He needs to grow up! This boy has no standards or self control. And is absolutely out of line!

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Is it weird to take pictures and show them the damage they've done to your son? I'm not a parent but what your boy is going through sounds so painful. I'd want whoever did that to him to see the pain they inflicted so they never do it again. Some people don't believe allergies are real until they see the reaction themselves.

  4. It’s probably unlikely you’ll get back with your kids parents if you’re already both hooking up with other people before your kids are even out so it’s probably just him not wanting drama

  5. Then she's stupid.

    If she invited OP's brother to a private dinner for his bday, that's one thing. But to throw a whole surprise party? And treat the man's twin – his brother that he's known from the womb, literally the closest person in the world to him on his birthday – like an afterthought?

    Why would he want to date someone so stupid?


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