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  1. Actually this is partially true. I think she doesn't understand she's a numbers girl and prides herself with what she can do. Problem is her husband is reaping the benefits instead of THE FAMILY reaping the benefits. She is trying to impress her husband with her thriftiness but he really doesn't seem to care.

    She can still have pride living a simpler life. Having 2 new cars to pay off is a luxury in itself l. Sell that puppy. Get a used commuter for 4 grand. No more car note.

    47-50k isn't making or breaking the bank here. So while yes he is the breadwinner maybe he should be treated like the breadwinner. Put the money in one kitty and she budget where it all goes. Wouldn't matter who made what amount. What matters is equal parenting/partner roles here. Not equating your value to the dollar amount you earned.

  2. It’s actually not many disagreements, but more about when disagreement happens, I observe the pattern of cool down for 6 hours to a day.

    Regarding the disagreements, it’s typically more about misunderstanding on trivial things. Not about fundamental beliefs or lifestyles issues.

    So that’s why was curious if others in a relationship when have disagreements, do they abruptly stop hang out and cool down for hours or a day.

  3. Given your comment about not knowing if she orgasms and not bothering to find out, maybe this is her way of forcing a conversation about your sex life. You should also include that information in your OP. Your girlfriend comes across poorly because there’s no way she bought that without knowing it’d be hurtful and insulting – but you not knowing if she orgasms says a lot about your sex life, likely being one sided, and unsatisfying for her.


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