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  1. Ask yourself when you're cooling down: do I have to be right, or can I compromise? There are times to stand up for yourself and others where making the peace is smart.

    With my spouse, it's easier to listen then discuss then try to be right.

  2. He’s single at 40 for a reason OP. And just on that basis you should steer clear of him. His behaviour both before and after your proclamation (particularly afterwards) is downright douchebag sleazy. But, life is a learning experience. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Use your being pissed off to motivate you in your life and work.

    Try to identify another area of the workplace you’d like to work in. Get away from this guy. As many in this thread have said, dating (or hooking up) in the workplace is jeopardous. Best avoided. Good luck. ❤️

  3. I think you should tell him because it sounds like you will feel weird not telling him. In your situation, I would downplay it, and make it sound more routine than it feels to you. “Blah de blah, yeah, good day generally, I do have to fire one client for being inappropriate, and that’s a drag. You still want burgers for dinner?” Or whatever.

  4. I just want to say fuck off with the making fun of her degree shit. I graduated last year with a language-related degree and have a job making nearly twice what your girlfriend makes. I work with mostly English majors. It makes me so frustrated when people discourage others for studying what they’re passionate about because of an assumption that isn’t even true.

  5. She was digging for gold with your IT money but hit the mother load when she saw your bank account. She dropped her mask and has shown you who she is. If you stay together you will spend your whole life fighting about money! There is a reason you did not share this information with her. Also any money you had before you get married needs to be secured via a prenup! She is the type to say now that we are married half that nest egg belongs to me. I think her attitude now that she knows is a dealbreaker!

  6. Trust me I’ve doubted my sexuality for years. But this got me fucked up bc how could I be a lesbian when I’m so in love w him and can’t be away from him for long lmaoo


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