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5 thoughts on “Saraajhones online sex chats for YOU!

  1. a big shooting , we got hit in cross fire , but the cops tried to turn all of us against eachother do nun of us have been in contact and completely faded

  2. i live! in boston bruh i’ve already been homeless once you act like it’s so easy when you’re not the one living my life

  3. Bruh. She cheated on you multiple times in the past and you’re still dating her?

    Have some self respect for yourself. Break up with her and spend the next 6-12 months bettering yourself. Hit the gym, treat yourself to a new wardrobe, go see a solid therapist, and put yourself back out there when you’re ready.

    You deserve to invest your future time in someone that isn’t so blatantly disrespectful, and who will not feed your anxiety/depression by not being faithful.

    Good luck!

  4. He was never good at expressing his feelings – I knew that. But honestly, that was his only downside and he made up for it by usually being the one to start conversations about serious topics (what's the relationship looking like, what are we doing, etc). He even said I love you first. And insisted I meet his parents for Christmas.

    Because of those examples, I thought if we did ever break up, he'd do it respectfully. Thats why this felt so so hurtful. Guys can be jerks, but I had faith in this one.


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