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10 thoughts on “Sarah on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Her response/reaction is not your responsibility. It’s a hot concept to grasp, but you are only responsible for yourself.

    Do you want to go through life with her when you have one foot out the door? That’s not fair to her or you. Don’t waste any more of her time or yours.

    Be honest with her. Tell her that you’ve lost romantic feelings for her and that you’d either like to separate or end it for good. Perhaps she feels kind of the same way and is terrified to tell you, so she’s trying to do her best.

    Maybe this will all work out. But you need to be honest. Sooner rather than later.

  2. Again ok, your making it all sound romantic but you’ve actually got nothing set up,

    Have you sorted out payments plans through a lawyer? Your promises mean nothing in the real world.

    Have you booked time off work to be able to take care of them? Have you looked into getting someone to help with the dog? Do you help with the dog?

    Does she have the equipment she needs now, or coming soon, prams, Oct, bottles etc Saying you’ll get her anything she needs/wants is not good enough, It’s like your waiting for instructions and not what she needs from the babies father at all

  3. I’m so sorry. It really sounds like you were assaulted again.

    Put it this way: if YOU really wanted to have sex with someone, and they opened up about being brutally raped and had their life threatened, what would YOU do? It sounds like you are the kind of person who would be shocked, and reassure them that you don’t have to have sex right then, and that the both of you can take everything really slow, on their terms. You’d assure them that your friendship/relationship is based on so much more than sexual intimacy, and that you want them to feel safe around you.

    ANY human being with an OUNCE of compassion would IMMEDIATELY stop their advances, as a bare fucking MINIMUM.

    Whining, begging, sulking, pleading, bargaining until they say yes is not consent. Not at all.

    I was raped when I was 17 multiple times by the same guy (my first boyfriend). It was some of my first sexual experiences and it took me a long time to understand that I wasn’t actually consenting, I was going into a psychological freeze state because my brain couldn’t process the trauma of being sexually assaulted. I also have just lain there waiting til they cum, it’s an awful feeling, as I’m sure you know. I don’t know if you have many positive sexual experiences to compare that to, but “laying there waiting for it to be over” is not really sex. It’s assault.

    I’ve been with many people since I was 17 – some of whom have had sexual trauma themselves – and I understand so clearly now that people SHOULD (and most do) stop when the person is unwilling. And unwillingness is extremely easy to spot, because you KNOW when someone IS actually reciprocating sexual desire. It is revolting that some people actually believe that someone being observably unwilling is somehow still consenting.

    I think he does know how fucked up it was that he was like “sorry lol suck my dick tho?” He’s not ignorant. He probably just doesn’t care. I’m so sorry, OP. You are way too kind for a shitbag like him. He’s probably not going to change, at least not any time soon and without significant intervention. My personal advice is get out now before it escalates. You deserve to feel 10000% safe and confident in the aftermath of SA. And you can, and will, in time, (and with affirming and supportive sexual partners).

  4. People often date when they are solo travelling. The woman he was dating was an adult, and presumably knew he wasn’t staying there long term. As long as he wasn’t dishonest with her, I see no issues with this.

  5. Wow that is awful 😢 and I appreciate it, thank you and I am sorry you also had to go through that. Honestly since June 2019 I’ve lost one of my sisters, a brother, uncle, sister in law, son in law and daughter. Until your comment I felt like life was playing a twisted final destination on everyone around me but it’s made me see I am not alone.

  6. Break up before she quits. Then you won’t be the A hole, and you won’t have to help her out.

    If you break up with her after she quit, it’s gonna be on you and she’s gonna be crying for help to you and you won’t be free from it because you’re not an A hole.

  7. A partnership is 100/100 it cant be more or less on both sides. Balance is how you continue to understand eachother. Once you teeter, you must confront the issue head on to continue to grow in harmony together. What you give her she will multiply. However, theres a 100/100 partnership…which means she must do her part as well. Its really something you will have to sit with her and be honest about. And tell her its a safe space for you two to openly communicate and make her feel comfortable. Mention to her that with this nice change to both of your alls lifestyle, you two should continue to communicate. She may be feeling the need to look better to empress and be like the others in the office. Her intentions could be 100% pure but because she is new she wants to empress..and that would mean she probably doesnt notice this “guys” advances. The only way to know the truth is to directly ask and once you have done what you could,, thats when you let go and give it a chance for some good change. If there comes a time where it still seems suspicious, then you have to come to your own self conclusions on how you will handle it. Most of the time the answers we seek, no matter the question, is already within us…we have to be willing, however, you must be ready for the truth. I wish you love and light and pray all works out for you in the end, no matter the ending.


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