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  1. Oh yeah they don't deserve a single bit of what's happening of course , no one ever does. And the sick and sad truth is the most kind and pure get prayed upon.

  2. This is a very common thing with first-time parents and estranged MILs. I'm an intern at a sexual and reproductive health clinic and we see it often.

    Honestly, I would speak with him and let him know that: 1. He is aware of many reasons why your daughter shouldn't be alone with his mom, no matter how much she may want to. 2. You're starting a family with him and you really need him to be on your side and support you, especially against someone who actively hates you.

    I'd try to be gentle but honest about how you feel. After all, I wouldn't compromise on a child seeing such a toxic person without supervision, no matter the family relationship.

    I hope it works out. I think starting a family makes people want to reconnect with their original family. They feel lost, a bit bewildered, and want to share things with their family. But you must stay united and stick to what is best for you two and your daughter.

  3. Your husband is right. You are convinced and you are lying to yourself if you think an affair wasn't on your mind when you asked that question.

  4. Would you give your eggs to your almost 50 yo mom to have another kid?


    Straight up no.

    Does she expect you to be a surrogate as well?

  5. So you get to be her source of emotional support and validation while she sleeps with other people. She wants the benefits of a relationship while not actually being in one.

    Walk away, stay away, and don't hold yourself so cheaply.

  6. If he knew this couple before offering you swinging, he was already cheating on you, he has met them before for sure.


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