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14 thoughts on “sashibabylive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You can like dogs, but not want to own one. Every dog I’ve ever owned has been literally dropped off at my house. I love my dogs, but I’d never go out and get a dog. No matter what you say it’s another responsibility and an expensive one lol.

  2. You’re right. He knows I’m not coming back to him. I could never be in a relationship with someone I cant trust

  3. Yeah, this is why couples therapists exist. Find a good one, talk to them, not the internet.

    If the story she gave you is true, she probably was raped that evening, based on the fact that she couldn't really consent if she was that drunk. Also, repressing traumatic memories (or just losing memories from inebriation) is pretty common, it makes sense how she filled in the blanks based on whatever fragments of what happened she did know.

    Or she's been lying to you for years, but honestly that doesn't sound very likely, based even on your version of the story. She'd have no real reason to change her story to that one after all this time, as she's still the victim- even if she feels guilty about it. Victims of SA feel guilty when they shouldn't all the time.

  4. Not to be dark, but I would bet money you could take “wannabe” out of that statement and it’d still be correct. I knew a guy who gave a similar speech and he had moved past “wannabe” long before that. We found out later. There’s a reason he’s spent so long justifying it.

    Run, OP.

  5. Admit that part of you hates having the reminder of his ex. I have been in that situation too, resentful that I had to care for a gift my (now ex) had gotten for someone else. That’s normal. Also cats are very different than babies, but I think you’ve learned that you may want to avoid dating people with ties to their exs, be those ties kids or pets.

  6. Let him be an ex . I made a mistake of marrying someone like that a decade ago and it ended really badly .

  7. It's over, the timing is terrible but that's life, you have exams, you need to just accept this for now and try and process this later.

    It sucks, but a year from now these exams will still matter, your ex won't.

    Good luck, whack some music on or whatever works for you and get your head back in the game.


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