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  1. I mean, every relationship is going to have its rough moments. The question is not, “Does this relationship have no rough patches,” because the answer is that this is impossible. The question is, “What is the ratio of easy stretches to rough patches?” And the answer to that should be, “Strongly in favor of the easy stretches.”

  2. Probably none, to be fair, if she won't kiss him and won't crack over something as simple as sharing food. That all sounds extreme and unhealthily rigid, to be honest. I don't love kissing either, but I do it because it makes my partner happy. That doesn't mean he 'broke my boundaries', just that a relationship requires compromise.

  3. I think you should say yeah you’d like to be taller and also it would be great if she was shorter, you like shorter girls. It might be fun to flip her around in bed if she was smaller

  4. Yes and what a bummer that is. I wish he were honest with me about it at the start. He's good looking, charming, successful. I am sure he can find someone who'd sign up to be the perfect homemaker for him. Don't pretend to love someone and then put them down like this.

  5. Maybe you could present it as medication will reveal who he truly is, not the persona who can't feel happiness that untreated depression is making him think he really is.

    What is clear is that you cannot stay in this situation because this is a terrible environment for your child to grow up in and is normalizing the intergenerational trauma even further. And you should communicate that to him, because it might be the impetus for change. I would also say this in marriage counselling, I think, that you need things to change or you will have to leave for your own happiness.

  6. Yeah, from all the drugs i have tried mdma was one of the more softer ones, at least in my personal experience.

    But to this whole post and almozt any other post on this sub their is 1 clear answer: communicate with your partner!!

  7. I'd say that anything that could possibly result in death/injury/kidnapping that could cause your partner emotional distress or grief, would qualify as a major life decision.

  8. This and then send them to her while shes on her trip… its lets tye cat outta the bag and will ruin her trip

  9. You’re dealing with a mentally unstable man who seemingly can’t be alone. He’s latched on to you for whatever reason. He probably has a made up relationship in his head with you, partner or not. Your friendliness he took for interest, why he came to you to check for government bugs, etc. He will ramp up from emojis, and as hyperbolic as it sounds.. you’re in literal danger.

    If you think you/he can handle it, sit down with him in public and explain in no uncertain terms that the friendship has begun to make you uncomfortable and you no longer wish to have contact with him. That sounds harsh, I know, but you need to be firm. Any politeness will be misconstrued. Do not have your partner there at the time, as he will be able to convince himself your partner is making you say these things. He still might go that route.

    You might get lucky and he’ll stop. If he doesn’t, you need to file complaints with your landlord and the police. You may very well have to move, which is awful I know but for your own safety worth it.

    I know this all sounds very dramatic, but a lonnnng time ago I lived in an apartment complex with a man like that. Every other month hauled off for mental issues. I took pity on him, and tried to be his friend. He attacked me one day coming up from the parking lot and I got lucky another (much larger) neighbor was taking out trash and stopped him. The police found he had zip ties and a stun gun on him. In the apartment they found shrines to me (I still feel nauseous even typing that). He had converted one of his bedrooms into a dungeon essentially. Boarded up the window, 8 locks on the door, bed with handcuffs. It was clear he planned on kidnapping me and holding me hostage. Even though he claimed mental illness made him think we were in a relationship at court (we were in a relationship but he knew he had to lock me in a room????)

    Anyways, tldr…. Don’t trust anyone, especially mentally ill men. Cut ties, be harsh. NO POLITENESS.

  10. 10% of the time is one out of 10 days. That’s a lot more than every month and a half. The math ain’t mathing.

  11. Crappy-Cancel-Consent Batman!

    Looks like Robin took a video of the eggs hatching and is watching said video with a sweaty shirtless fat-gut Penguin.

    To the shit-mobile and away!

  12. she doesn't have her ducks in a row.

    the point is not to look thin. the point is to avoid her to die from a complication due to her overweight.

    i have lost 26 kg in the last six months. i have not be as light since i was in high school. I do know that it is a question of mental state. i was not ready before, as she is not herself. i have not been ready before i had medical follow-up, counseling and a metaphoric kick in the crotch from my partner.

    you don't love her because she is fat or thin. And you don't want her to suffer from a cardiac accident or an infection from diabete. if she had a goddamned cancer, you would react the same way. and no, you won't catch a cancer so she can neglects hers.


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