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14 thoughts on “Secretmodel-reallive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. But it’s not that. He shags other people and she doesn’t care. But it was her friend. That is so different. It changed the dynamic in their friendship and their group. It’s fair enough if it happened after but surley it’s just common knowledge, don’t shag someone ur friend is shagging?

  2. So you would be fine if your wife accused you of infidelity for no reason at all?

    Of course, I have nothing to hide and so I'd supply all of the evidence she requested if asked. I also have an open phone policy because I have nothing to hide. Because I know where I have been and what I have done, I'd not have any issues providing whatever reassurance needed.


    I’ve had two children and it wouldn’t even cross my husband’s mind to ask for a DNA test of either of them.

    Good for you? Good for him? Unfortunately life is not so black and white for many people (although given how anti-dna tests you are, I ponder).


    As it would never cross my mind that he was cheating on me.

    And that is great that the both of you are so trusting that nothing could ever come between you, honestly I'm happy for you. However those of us that online in the real world realise that not everything is as it seems all the time and sometimes we have baggage that make reassurance a really big weight off our shoulders.

    As an example, as a frequent redditor the amount of posts I have seen where people are asking for advice about their partner's weirdness only to find that they confirmed cheated a few months later. The amount of people I have seen that get Ancestry tests and it ends up blowing up the family due to 'skeletons' like paternity fraud. And on the flip side, there are also people who struggle with trust due to either having been cheated on before or people in positions of trust violating that repeatedly (oh I dunno, a mother or a father) and so reassurance costs nothing, but can mean a lot to some people.

    Personally I think the utter disdain for a DNA test says more about the person refusing it than the person asking for it, and is again a reason why it should be mandatory for the birth certificate.

  3. He can't exactly keep you from traveling. If you want to, go for it. And probably reconsider being with him if he can't handle you wanting to go on a trip.

  4. I remember seeing an ex internet scammer on some podcast, and this was one of his scams. He said that he used to release the photos in the end anyway for “the lulz”, and because “they deserved it anyway”.

  5. You’re being a puzzle because she is clearly telling you in actual words to leave her alone, after trying to let you down more gently.

  6. Yeah, I would look into adoption in this kind of situation. Families that already have children are often given priority, because the agency is reassured that this is not a “fill the hole” baby. This is how a close friend was adopted. He has zero desire to trace his bio parents, and his mother depends on him far more than on her bio kids, he loves her to bits. It's a real adoption success story.

  7. Buy her a weighted blanket. My wife hasn’t snuggled me since. I’m very hot natured too but I kinda miss the snuggles sometimes ?

  8. This is a very poor situation and you should walk away.

    I don't know what things are like in Muslim culture. I hypothesize that the suggestion he's made might be more accepted there, since that culture has so many more rules. But that's neither here nor there. Fundamentally, he has already made his choice. He's trying to portray himself as having chosen you over his family, but the truth is the opposite: he's chosen them over you, and at all times he will be beholden to their demands and expectations, not to mention those of his wife. Besides, while it's romantic and all that to find someone who (claims he) will choose you over his family, the truth is that you're not looking for that at all. You need to get along with your in-laws. As such, you want to find someone who doesn't have to choose, whose family doesn't put him in that spot because they actually like you. This may be old-fashioned — like, 400 years out of date — but it's still the truth: you're not just marrying your spouse, you're also marrying your spouse's family. Vet them accordingly.

    I know that you have strong feelings for this person, but that doesn't automatically mean your heart is right. And, simply put, love is not actually enough to sustain a relationship. You're finding that out first hand. No matter what, this guy will never be — is not willing to become — the person who will treat you the way you want to be treated. That is, unfortunately, all that needs to be said. You cannot be happy with him, and all that is left is to figure out how to be happy without him.


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