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Model from: co

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Birth Date: 1993-08-30

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityEbony

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

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  1. No no no, when I said dreams I didn't mean it literally, she openly talked about how she screams death threats at him in arguments.

  2. It's really common for this to happen if they're depressed

    Hygiene is the first thing to suffer after social obligations

    Why don't u kind of make it an exciting thing like have a “date” night, they might appreciate the reason to make themselves look nice

    As for the tooth brushing thing, it obviously has to happen twice daily, but idk, maybe mention the potential of gum recession? Or like, make a bigger thing of flossing yourself so they might think, okay they're going through that much trouble, maybe I should do the bare minimum

  3. I'm autistic so I completely get the kissing and food thing. It grosses me out 90% of the time and it's one of the first things I tell people who I'm looking to date, I don't like to share tongues. Only one person has been okay with it haha but you gotta find someone who also doesn't like to kiss or share food off your utensils. This guy sounds like it's not for you. I'd leave it be.

  4. Well it's not that I'm particularly confident so much as I believe I deserve a whole cake.

    When I come across a delicious cake and I find out I can only have its crumbs, I just keep on driving, secure in my knowledge that there are billions of other cakes out there.

    It is obviously possible to take the metaphor too far, but you get it.

    Two notions in your post stuck with me:

    1) There's no such thing as one person being “classier” than another. Maybe he's very pretty. Maybe he has a well developed active vocabulary. One is pure luck, the other just takes time and a tiny bit of effort.

    2) I don't think you realize how an older man conceives of himself in relation to younger women. Most (not all, of course) older men are accustomed to being perceived by women 20 years younger as pretty much neutered.

    Anyway, consider the possibility you're selling yourself short. Consider also that it's possible to ask him questions about his interest in you without completely revealing yours in him (e.g. – “Hey, weird question…would we still talk if I didn't buy your stuff?”).

  5. its not uncommon, but its really up to whether you’re comfortable with it or not. i cant say that i would be, but you do you if youre cool with it

  6. But with this method you won't even get logical answers. You've just created a echo chamber of hate. Useless

  7. Why on earth do (did?) you think you're ready to get married? As this sounds you may not even be ready for a relationship at the moment. Set this marriage on hold immediately! Also you should start therapy right now!


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