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weekend fun….let s cum…control the toy for snapchat…XOXOXO

8 thoughts on “sexxykimm

  1. Honestly I’d go down there in my PJs and just turn off the base. Explain to his buddies that you have work in the morning and if that shit doesn’t stop, they all unfortunately have to leave. It’s your house too and you work to pay bills. If your man wants to act like a petty teenager, he may need to be treated like one.

  2. I am in a similar place, I expect date nights to be a fun night out where we get dressed up. Not every time but it’s very important to me that we do that. Some people value seeing their partner dressed up and looking nice and courting in that way.

    It sounds like that’s something that means a lot to you. Is that something that you specifically not like to do? If your looking for a long term relationship with her you should ask yourself if your willing to compromise with her on this and do it more often for her, and she should be willing to compromise with you in something else is important to you also

  3. Please find someone safe to stay with and break up with him. It doesn’t matter how long into the relationship it takes him to start the abuse, it matter that it’s started at all.

  4. Wow. Do you have a single ounce of self-awareness in your body? The projection is astounding. I had to sit here baffled for a second. The only “statistical claims” anybody made was “super rare”. That’s not a statistic. You were the one who started throwing out arbitrary percentages. A random quote doesn’t prove you correct. Also how are my claims even biased? Because I would rather believe in information from a peer reviewed source from a well educated professional who’s been researching this topic for multiple decades over a random Redditor who makes claims and says they don’t need evidence to prove them? That’s not a bias, that’s using critical thinking skills to find reliable and verified information.

  5. She decided this was her “way out” so to speak. It's quite possible she's been having an affair or wanting to. She's not fooling anyone. “Something” or someone else is the real reason for this. She just does not want to be exposed nor does she want to be held accountable. I'm sorry but she's checked out. Let her go and it won't be long until you know the truth.

    One thing to note about child support, in my state the parent who is noncustodial has to pay support regardless of what the primary says. The payments go through a clearinghouse. Having said that, my ex does not pay and is getting away with it (for now). When the noncustodial moves out of state, it delays the process.

    Personally, I would seek joint custody but you have to do what's right for your situation. Best of luck moving forward. It will get better. Take care of yourself. You can always PM me if you need an ear to listen.

  6. This fucker has zero cause for being angry with you. He's absolutely trying to guilt trip you. Any time you demonstrate any independence or individuality, he gets angry and tries to quash it. That is fucking scary, red-flag behavior.

  7. My mother and her don't look alike too much but yes, I guess he has a type. If he'd find a woman my mothers age, I wouldn't have a problem with that..

  8. He could be doing it for the money, especially if he's not straight and she could just be sending them back cos he's sending them to begin with and so like that's just setting the tone?

    Sales people will use all sorts of tactics to get sales and especially regulars, even flirting, even if they're gay or married.

    Now the questions are- Is he really married? Is he straight? Is he just buttering her up for money as a PT? Why is she returning these emojis? Is she being manipulated for her money or her body? If she is, err wtf, why so suseptable?

    I really hope he's not straight and that these emojis are just a sales person being overly pally and a bit extra.

    I've had loads of sales people use those emojis on me, felt uncomfortable but responded back with them cos like then it's less creepy when they keep putting them if I'm putting them too?


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