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  1. I would talk to her and just tell her that you want to wait until her son is a little older and he can make the decision for himself. It's not that you are non accepting of her son. You are living all together so what's a last name matter anyway? Let the kid make the decision. Also if I was his dad I would be pissed about it to be honest.

  2. Yeah. This is pretty very hot to read. Not, because you broke up with this guy. That's a good thing.

    You need to figure out yourself. Boyfriends and husband, wives, and partner is not an identity. A relationship is two individuals who are their as friends and lovers. They extenuate one another and are there for support when things go bad.

    You still need to be you. If your not being you, developing you, living your life, there's nothing but a body to love. There's no personality, mystery or fun.

  3. Welp.

    The other side of this is that you got faced with two situations you can’t control: a premature baby and your wife having birth complications. And you’re pinning your pain on her because it has to be pinned somewhere.

    I don’t think you can not be there for her right now. Maybe there’s a way you can spend more time with your baby once he or she comes home.

    Sometimes it be like that. Nobody’s fault exactly.

    I’d be a little pissed too though if my wife made a decision to drink which is a little controversial (at least according to the CDC) and then my baby had health issues. I think you might just have to carve out some time to feel that anger and process it.


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