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13 thoughts on “sexy_sirilive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. OP, don't date a single mother. You don't want the “hassle” that comes with a kid right now and your comments make that very clear.

    And that is perfectly okay, it just is really unfair to the 6 year old.


    I really didn't like her son at the very beginning and only saw the worst of him.

    The worst of a 6 year old? He's a kid, depending on what you saw that just is him.

    Even though I never expressed this to her, she could notice, but I never in any way mistreated her son or expressed my feelings and thoughts in any way.

    She definitely noticed, and this whole thing is to try to lie to herself that you actually like her kid.

    I don't know why but it ruined my whole mood in regards to this trip

    Maybe I'm overreacting, but I feel like Im not ready for something like this.

    You're not. It may be nude to admit to yourself, but it really sounds like you don't want any of this.

    . I just don't want to sleep in the same bed as him and her. I know how stupid this sounds, believe me, you don't have to tell me.

    It sounds stupid because it isn't the real issue, and you know it isn't the real issue.

    The issue is that you don't actually want any part of responsibility for this kid, and she is pushing you closer and closer to him and that scares you.

    She shouldn't be pushing him on you when you're clearly not ready for that. Also, there wasn't a timeline but it sounds like she introduced you to her kid really early in the relationship, which is also an issue.

  2. “whatever I need to rebuild trust”

    Ain't gonna happen. You'll never touch her again without remembering that guy who got to fuck her ass, who video'd it all while you sat there being Mr. Vanilla, who she lied and cheated and betrayed you for while you sat there being innocent. This wasn't a drunken one night stand mistake, this was a constant, planned, deliberate betrayal, that she actively sought and worked on over months. You are not spineless, you are virtually non-existent.

  3. I mean, of course not, because that would require that you take some level of responsibility and accountability for this whole mess you’ve created that’s everyone else’s fault.

  4. Save the text and photo. Go see an attorney and get the pre-nup invalidated. Her behavior and the texts/photo will look horrible in front of a judge.

  5. This is easily the most logical, emotionally intelligent comment I have ever read on Reddit. Thank you so much.

    I was worried about catching more lies, which is what caused today's argument – so if I look at this logically, he's frustrated because he feels he ruined the trust in our relationship. In his emotions, he took it out on me, saying he's on the spot and I'm going to just keep doing this — then admitting he knows it's his fault. When he said “people get over things at different paces” I thought he was being rude, but I think he was trying to validate that I'm still upset, because he's not the snarky type. We've both been wrong in the whole ordeal, me asking for too much info and him for lying. We both have work to do and feelings to feel.

    You're a miracle worker… haha.

  6. Also does he have any piercings or something like that? Know someone who kept getting weird smelling whiffs and looked at everything. Turned out the backing on earrings had worn away and had created a bad skin reaction and that was the smell.

  7. that is what i am thinking, like i love him but sometimes i wonder do i want to be in a relationship where my partner keeps upsetting me, but at the same time i feel like he is otherwise good so its a battle in my head

  8. So, you found the info, so you’re acknowledging I’m right. I won’t be a stickler on your misreading, becuase it’s far from “almost nothing” – recent studies have come out that show it’s more common than people generally realize. Again, feel free to search on Google scholar for papers in the last few years, you’ll find it.

    But let’s say you’re right. The chances aren’t zero, meaning you are stealing peoples chances to choose for themselves. That’s objectively shitty. It’s fine if you wanna crack jokes and use smileys and do all the internet things to obfuscate the fact that you’re a shitty person for doing this and you know it.

    Like I said, I have a condition I caught in a non consensual manner, so it’s objectively unfair I have it. It also is almost impossible to spread since I have it managed health-wise. I still consider it an ethical responsibility to disclose, because this is hotly debated, and there’s a chance the person I’m not disclosing to might care.

    I consider it bad to take choices away from people to satisfy my own desires. I also consider it bad to laugh about it, minimize it, and crack jokes about how someone asserting that doing that is wrong is being dramatic.

    Just seems selfish, tbh.

  9. I've seen some dumb shit, but purposefully stressing your liver and giving yourself jaundice is a new one.

    When your boyfriend isn't fasting, please make sure he is wearing water wings when having soup.

  10. My partner and I have these evenings where we are childfree and we turn off our phones and we play electronic music and mood lighting and we take xtc, speed…. Lsd. We’ve tried coke but we agreed that speed had our preference. We take one or two days to ourselves and we pay the price for it next monday or Tuesday in the office, where we are tired and bummed the weekend is already over.

    Worried? Nah. Just keep each other in check.

  11. Just curious what could the police do? Is it immoral and gross? Of course, but given it’s not mentioned she’s underage it’s not technically illegal. Not defending the guy just pointing that out.


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