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  1. Any man that has an issue with pleasing his woman and not making sure she feels comfortable and heard is terrible! Both partners should be concerned with one another. He is very selfish, and it makes me wonder what other areas are you short changed in ? Even if he can’t have penetration right now … he doesn’t go down on you? Or find other ways to please you ? He should be making that thang soppy wet by playing with it, kissing it, and grinding it. As he listens to what you tell him you like he will get you there… but he has to be willing to be patient and take his time. My ex would rush me to orgasm at times it was a total turn off. My current partner is the exact opposite. Though we’re only having oral sex here recently. He did crazy sexy stuff to me to get me off. I equally am learning what he likes to please him. Doesn’t sound like he’s turning you on and your body is not responding to him. Sex starts in the mind. If you’re not present with him, you won’t be aroused. Sex therapy wouldn’t be a bad idea!

  2. Jesus christ. Im so sorry OP. Never be with anyone who talks to you like that. I agree with everyone else, looks like he’s trying to make you break up with him. Regardless of the reason, what he did was unacceptable and you need to remove this jerk from your life.

  3. I guess we can agree to disagree. My mission here was to shine some light on should i say potential or likely issues that might be on the girls mind. She might be wrong tho and acting controlling for no reason. Nevertheless relationships are different and no one should be forced to deal with porn or forced to quit it if its not affecting the relayionship.

  4. Take the job offer. You offered a solution and she still didn't want it. That's pretty crappy.

  5. I thought about it. would have to come clean to her first. stepping away seemed like the better option though.

  6. They would rather lie and deceive their partner than actually find someone who accepts them as they come.

    It's mental to me they are acting like telling who you been with that are actively in either of your lives is the equivalent of sharing an entire list…..


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