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  1. May I ask you a question hun, did you ever feel emotionally neglected from your parents or any important role model in your life? Did you feel like you bothered them? Did you walk on eggshells around their feelings and even if they did something wrong to you, you’d apologize?

  2. Do you socialize with his friends? Have you met his family?

    Other posters have expressed the opinion that it's odd to want acknowledgement on social media, but realistically it's just a new method of letting the world know you're dating.

    Not a requirement or barometer of a relationship (in most, but not all, cases).

  3. He’s 27 and still lives with his parents? And his parents pay for most of his bills? And he’s a doctor? Holy red flags, Batman!

  4. Maybe. But I don't tolerate shit. If someone who says they care. Do something to upset me and don't try to change / remedy it? That just show they don't care.

    In my example offering the kind help is the last step to try and break through any issues they may be facing. If you cannot respond to that level of support. Then you're only going to get dragged down too.

  5. then how was she supposed to understand? she has a portion of the truth, and that portion makes it look like your ex was toxic yet you treated that ex better.

  6. You've said nothing except, get people gifts they want and my son has autism.

    Again getting people gives they don't want is not dependent on the recipient being autistic

  7. If he is vocally opposed to something and seems emotionally invested in it, it increases the likelihood that the emotion is heightened because of the tension from temptation/guilt.

    Regardless, you know he's lying. Does it really matter which terrible thing he's lying about?

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  9. can convince my family to apologize or something

    Are they aware of the consequences of their actions? Do they care? Ask these questions before getting them to apologize because it won't go the way you think it would

  10. what makes you think that there’s something wrong with being single? I can afford to take care of my son and myself on my own. Buy my dream car at age 27. I don’t need a man to complete my life… nor will I teach my son he needs a woman/man to feel the true happiness of life… but thank you.

  11. I guess I’ll have to be single then… even though I have absolutely no interest in hookups and never have.

  12. Sounds like an “office wife” situation, but he doesn't have plans for it to affect his life outside of the office.


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