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  1. I’ve tried ? I’ve tried everything, I’ve told myself so many times how she didn’t deserve my love and that I was too good for her but nothing has seemed to have worked. It doesn’t help the fact that when we was together I had a massive car accident on the motorway whilst on my way to see her where I coulda lost my life so that’s a big event in my life and it links back to her. The surgery scars on my arm don’t help.

  2. Look, I think porn usage is one thing that just about every male on the planet will lie about. I'd lie about it right now. Porn and masturbation are inextricably linked, you ask him about his porn and you are asking him about his “shameful” masturbation habits and to admit his deepest and perhaps even darkest fantasies and thoughts. Some of it might not even really indicate what he is like as a person. Take “StepBrother” porn – no-one ever really believes they are really step bro and step sister but admitting to using it makes him look like a deviant if taken at face value. There are a lots of reasons for a guy to deny his porn use.

    I'm like if it doesnt affect our sex life, its discrete, not rubbed in my face, and its not illegal then fine – have your “snacks” and your “sandwiches” but you better eat all your dinner when you come home for a meal.

  3. He’s wanking off to them. I have a few questions:

    Are these people he knows or has mutual friends with?

    What is your definition of cheating? Do you think that not knowing someone but pleasuring yourself to them is cheating?

    Would you be willing to check through his phone?

    When you answer those, speak your mind and then determine the outcome. I (22f) have been through this with my boyfriend (24m). He was wanking off to people we knew. It took a while for me to forgive him and he does not do that stuff anymore. You can see someone’s activity on instagram (how long they are on the app) and even see photos they have liked. Before your relationship he could have been following those people to pleasure himself, but he should respect your boundaries and wishes if you don’t want this to continue. Men who are like this are still childish in the mind and need to grow up.

  4. I'm failing to see why anyone would want to make her see such a horrible shit. She's in the right, and you tell him that. And you leave her where she is to have a nice life with her salon, her husband and her baby.

  5. This is beyond having nothing to hide. Just talking to the AP open up old wounds. The AP cannot be in your life.

    There is no reason why the AP should have reached out to you. He knows that he had an affair to you. His doing so shows that he has regards for your marriage, yourself or your husband.

    If I was you I woud not be going to that event.

  6. Respectfully disagree. A red flag would be if she hid the crush and OP found out about it and had to confront her. A couple talking about their feelings and problem solving it together is how a healthy relationship works. A relationship IS a choice.

    Viewing these complex emotions as black and white is a recipe for a couple hiding things from one another.

  7. The thing with abusers is that some of them are very good at gauging how badly you've been treated before and adjust accordingly.

    I've been through this.

    Cut your losses.

    I'm really sorry this happened to you.


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