Shaantall live! sex chats for YOU!

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8 thoughts on “Shaantall live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. OP, you need to realise that coercing someone to have sex isn’t OK. What he is doing to you is a form of sexual abuse and domestic violence. A coerced yes is not a yes.

    You shouldn’t be doing more housework than him. You’re both adults.

    You certainly shouldn’t be having sex when you don’t really want to.

    “I’ll do all the work, you can just lie there” is basically treating you like a sex doll.

    You need to learn how to stand up for yourself and assert your wants and needs. I’m not sure he’s worth the energy though. X

  2. Well. When your daughter goes “yeah my boyfriend gets mad when other men look at me. He says it's my fault for (insert whatever)” you and your husband can be so proud she's following mom's footsteps.

  3. Has she had an STI screening since you two became exclusive?

    Have you two had a discussion about what you’d do in the event of a pregnancy?

    Has she been on BC for 2 months already?

    These are important things to discuss and be aligned on before having sex.

    I’d advise you not to have sex without a condom and to take responsibility for your own birth control vs trusting someone else with it. Not that she’d necessarily sabotage her BC on purpose but taking it incorrectly—missing a pill, taking them off schedule, etc can allow ovulation.

  4. If you’re not poly an open relationship will not help.

    Are you both poly that just happen to be in a monogamous relationship?


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