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Model from:

Languages: en,es

Birth Date: 1998-04-17

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

Ethnicity: ethnicityLatino

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBlack

Subculture: subcultureStudent

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  1. Social media will do that. People only post the good stuff. I’ve deleted instagram a long time ago (5ish years) and i don’t miss it at all. 🙂 life’s better for me, I don’t experience what you are feeling, anymore. ? when something is toxic, it’s a good idea to stop drinking the poison ?

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  3. It’s pretty hypocritical of you to criticize her “lack of career motivation” when you’re the one who wants her to quit the career she’s already got.

    You’re just upset that the young hard dancer you started hooking up with didn’t want to transform herself into a more traditional person with a boring office job for you. Let her do the job she enjoys and is good at and find someone who already has an acceptable type of job for you. If the fact that she’s the kindest and best girlfriend you’ve ever had isn’t enough to make you accept her job, nothing ever will.

  4. My half sister had this happen to her and went back to him. Within a year, she was dead with a gunshot to the head and then he killed himself.

    Please be safe. Stay far away.

  5. Yes it's only for 1 day, but you've been with him for 3.5 years.

    No of course you don't need his 'permission', but as he's apparently your partner it would have been common courtesy to tell him about it.

    If it were me, I'd have been so excited to tell my SO – he would've wanted to come along, too. Why would you not have brought this up to yours?

  6. In three years of dating he’s never met your friends and you’ve never met his? Do you on-line together?

  7. No, having a seperate account and depositing your money there so its not stolen by your SO is NOT financial abuse. If anything, your SO abused you by lying about how much was sent. I would absolutely 1000% seperate your finances for the time being, at least until the money is paid back, if that wver happens. Given the friend is/has been lying about money, I doubt youll ever see that $1500 again.


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