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12 thoughts on “Shara_dreamslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. First, leave him. He’s not a supportive partner.

    Second, go for pelvic floor physiotherapy.

    Sex was always painful for me but I finally went for Physio and sex is now completely different!

    Find yourself a good physiotherapist and a supportive partner and sex will be enjoyable. Being able to tell yourself during sex that ‘this is good. I am safe. He is safe.’ Will help relax your entire body but only if it’s true.

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  3. The problem is your living situation. At 17 no one is thinking far enough ahead to make plans to go ask parents permission. Plans are made on the fly, hours or a days before. While he may love you, having to get permission and dealing with your parents is probably too much for him to deal with so you're excluded

    All you can do is talk to him about including you and making plans earlier.

    You're 17, your priority should be working on how your going to leave when you turn 18. Figure out how you can get money and somewhere to online. Don't worry about partying and focus on leaving.

  4. I’m just curious, why exactly should he be jumping through hoops?

    We have absolutely zero context on who did what to cause the separation. All we know is that she is the one that moved out, she refuses to answer the numerous comments asking what caused the separation, and as everyone else keeps pointing out her being on sugar baby sites recently raises some questions.

    So why is the default that he should be the one jumping through hoops?

  5. I’ve also had to be emotionally supportive of her since her diagnoses.

    Oh, FFS. You don't get extra brownie points for being “emotionally supportive”, that is part of the bare minimum requirement of being someone's partner.

  6. They can all fuck off. That's your money. Your mom made her wishes clear, honor her and celebrate her life. Enjoy Europe! ?

  7. So just to be clear… You’re engaged to a woman you’ve been dating for about a year. The relationship has been entirely a long distance relationship. Like she lives overseas and you’re considering moving countries to online with her. She gets a mysterious text from a stranger that you have a secret kid and ex wife. You claim that you’ve never been married and have no children.

    I think there are three options.

    She’s making all this up to make sure that the guy coming from overseas to online with and marry her is a real person that’s serious about her and she wants to double check that she’s not being conned. She’s checking for her own protection to see if you’ll admit to it just in case you’ve lied to her. She really is getting mysterious texts from a stranger (maybe a “friend” playing jokes or someone that just doesn’t like you). Given that you’ve only been together about a year and have been extremely long distance this whole time, of course she might find it suspicious if someone is claiming to be your ex and telling her you have a kid. You have a kid that you don’t know about from a fling from a while ago. For some reason the woman you had a fling with holds a grudge against you. Maybe from things you did to her. She saw that you’re engaged to your fiancée and decided to message her and let her know and she’s telling her a bunch of things about you, but is asking your fiancée not to reveal her identity because she’s scared of backlash from you or doesn’t want you to be involved in her kid’s life.

  8. So the post was from 2 weeks before you met him? If you assume that this guy did go on dates before he met you then it seems reasonable that someone else would have gone on a date with him in the past.

    If this group is about people posting photos and asking if anyone else is dating him, and no one else has responded since, then it would seem like he is not in fact dating someone else behind your back. Unless you have some other evidence that he’s cheating it sounds like you overreacted.

  9. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe she was just really tired yesterday, or maybe she was going to respond but something came up and she forgot to. There are so many factors that could be the reason for her distance, ultimately you'll just have to wait and see how she acts when she returns.


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