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  1. Thank you, I agree that I do need to do that as well. I know I have some pretty legit self-esteem issues. I will bring these thoughts up with my therapist

  2. Feelings aren't like tap water-they don't just turn off when you decide to make the cut. You will carry these feelings for a while, and eventually they'll morph in to nostalgia, but you must never lose sight of the bad parts that drove you away. Make a list if you have to, and pull it out whenever you get to feeling like you should give her another try.

    You've expressed an interest in therapy – do that! A therapist will help you establish a foundation and boundaries that will firm up your decision, and set you up for success in the long term.

  3. I had a problem with the ages. He is now 28 and he’s been a doctor for at least 3 years, in Canada. I don’t think so.

  4. I feel like this is honestly something we'd consider.

    Our youngest is 9 and we have two teenagers. The 9 year old doesn't know everything.

  5. This is not about your friends, or even you being with your friends.

    This is about control. He will find every reason to not go to counseling because he know deep down what this is. this is the only thing that may save what you have. He needs to see his actions for what they are.

    He needs you isolated to feel like he is in control. I suggest you take a good look at your financials and making sure you have some kind of support around you. From there speak with a couple layers and look at all your options .

    Once you have all this, step back and make your plan of what is best for you going forward.

    I wish you much love and respect going forward and hope you find what you need in life.

  6. There is NEVER an excuse for domestic violence.

    She needs to attend therapy to manage her insecurity and anger, and you need to draw this line in the sand NAKED.

    “Occasional” interrogations are not once or twice weekly, holy crap. As if that wasn’t enough, she literally threw a LAMP at you. You should leave this relationship, there is NEVER any justification for abuse. M

  7. I 100% believe that she acted that way with her ex and his “spite” is justified as well, by OP’s comments..

    I agree completely she’s on another planet. She even admitted to lying to her daughter because she actually can’t afford to buy back her car if she did trade it in.

  8. He's not a bad guy.

    He isn't a good one either. What is your upside spending anymore of your time with this weak child.


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