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  1. I ask her to do it different cuz it's makes me feel xyz way. And she acts for clarification. And then sex usually ends.

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  3. If your baby was born 12 days ago, I would imagine that you are both exhausted and sleep deprived. You need to understand that you are both likely a bit irrational. If you can, find a quiet moment to remind him that y’all are both doing your best and that you need to cut each other some slack and center the fact that you love each other and are doing this amazing new parent thing. You two against the situation, not you versus him. Hopefully he will be willing to listen, but you have to approach it from a place of love not frustration as best you can.

  4. Don’t go spread illness by going to class with a fever. That was incredibly selfish of you to want to do. However that does not justify your bf to hold you hostage in bed. That is a crime that your bf committed against you. You are no longer safe living with a man who holds you prisoner in your bed. He will do this again because you are dismissing the seriousness of this. Now that he knows this isn’t a deal breaker he will amp up his control tactics to keep you imprisoned at home and dependent on him. You are playing a dangerous game staying with this man.

  5. Let him be good at games. You be good at being you. Without him.

    He’s already said he’s emotionally out, and right now you’re wasting mental energy on a boy who isn’t worth it. You will find love, just not with him. You can never look at potential in a man. You have to assume they will not change a thing. You’ll know it’s love if you don’t want any changes made.

  6. this is the exact comment i was about to write. this post is so annoying to read. the whole situation is….just a non issue. this is just harder than it should be. you don’t like the way she’s acting? move on. she’s sending mixed signals and you’re tired of it? move on. the whole running around in circles and over analyzing stuff gets really tiring to just read, i can’t imagine being stuck in that mindset again. relationships aren’t this very hot especially in the beginning.

  7. Our daughter was conceived while I had an IUD in. I know a couple who conceived after a vasectomy. So, no. Continue to use condoms until you're ok with the risk of an unexpected pregnancy.

  8. OP, please end the relationship. Walk away. Once a cheat, always a cheat. He won't change. He won't stop. YOU DESERVE BETTER. Good luck OP.


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