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  1. Thank you for the nice comment. I posted on here because I wanted to hear all opinions, not just the ones that fit my own narrative. But hearing people say that this is how men work, and that they only think with their dick, really make me feel so sad. I know not all men are like that, but it’s very hot to keep thinking that. I feel like a complete asshole for not saying no, but I physically couldn’t at that time, I wish I could describe it. I have been in therapy for years, but some things especially sexually just trigger me. I have voiced to him that sex can be an iffy subject for me, and he usually understands and doesn’t push it. I acted out of pure instinct because of the past way I have been assaulted, I was doing so well at telling him no too.

  2. Look he said he thinks you're not good enough to be his kids mother. He wants someone who lacks “life experience” so that he can constantly cheat on them . Which is why he even bothered to mention the YOUNG * “moldable” * college graduate girl.

    Sometime holding on does more damage than letting go.

  3. Stick to your guns. He's the oldest he's ever been right now so he doesn't see how young he really is. None of us do at 18/19. But when he's 26 he'll look back and be grateful that you broke it off.

  4. Thank you, this is a good summary. Sorry for the late respond, let's just say life happened a few days after i posted and it's been a bit of a whirlwind since.

    But you make many good points here for me to consider.

    I've had to spend some Time with Emily lately withouth going into to much details (not back together) and a few of my questions have been aswered, others not, as you say what was in her head is a big puzzle. But she seems genuinly remorsful, and i have confirmation that she has denied Mark twice since he sent that latter, the last time with a long and brutal text about that she hates him. But i still feel conflicted where to go, some days i like keeping her as a friend, others i feel like i want more then the next day i wake up and don't want to see her. That's basicly the repeating cycle the last weeks

  5. Who cares why she is confused? What's important is how long you are going to let your needs be ignored.

  6. Get a dual control heated mattress pad! He can make his side of the bed toasty warm and you can leave your side off. It's been a serious game changer in my house.

    I also make the bed like this- bottom sheet, top sheet, twin size comforter on his side of the bed, duvet over the whole bed.

    Finally, check with your doctor if you are using any prescription medications but some herbal remedies really do help- before I started hormone replacement therapy, I was getting measurable results from Black Cohosh, Wild Yam Root & Evening Primrose Oil. My mom swore by Wild Yam & soy isoflavones. There are others that have been used for centuries. I only know one person who says the supplements eliminated their nude flashes and night sweats but I know a lot of people who's symptoms were significantly reduced. (I had to start the estrogen replacement because while they helped with libido & nude flashes, the herbs did nothing to mitigate the mood swings, brain fog and weepiness- perimenopause is such bullshit! ?)


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