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  1. Please don't be a pushover and cut her off.

    Her actions were deliberate. I doubt she has no memory of her drunken confession. I've known fellow girls who do catty things like that, pretending to be super drunk, and hinting to the wife/gf about having a crush on their partner, to instigate a fight between the couple. Often the case is that there's nothing between the guy and the other girl. But if the other girl keeps up with her actions overtly to the wife, the guy would eventually get tired of the gf/wife being too suspicious

    Some men would immediately cut off the other girl, but there are also cases where the men get an inflated ego knowing there's another woman aside from their partner liking him, and would remain in contact with the other girl and some would even two-time if the other girl is willing to be a mistress

  2. Let me get this straight — he felt he couldn’t trust you, and you got pissed about that so you withheld vital information?

    Yeah, I’d say that was a mistake.

  3. Yeah, ok, a doctor said he was infertile, you're pregnant, he has seen you two hug, put your arms around eachother, he goes to his brothers where you're fresh out of the shower and his brother is in a towel. I wonder why he's paranoid? I don't have to imagine what this thread would look like if the roles were reversed. I remember a post where a woman caught her husband and sister in the house, sister in a towel, husbands hair wet, they were always hugging and touching… the thread went on and on about how sus it was, how the husband is a pig who's definitely screwing her sister. but here of course…. Your husband must need to be in a psych ward. Why would he suspect you of anything? Dump him! You deserve better. It's only proving what people repeatedly say about these posts. Thanks for the laugh Reddit Brigade.

  4. It's not every single meal but once she uses it, it goes straight in the wash.

    Does… does she run an entire wash cycle just to wash one tea towel on its own?

    If the answer is 'yes'… wtf?

    If the answer is 'no' then your argument about washing it producing more waste doesn't really hold water(if you'll pardon the pun).

    If the problem is that you run out before the wash gets done, go get more towels or some cloth napkins.

    This is such a non-issue I'm curious if this isn't just a single instance of a larger underlying conflict in values or housekeeping styles.

  5. it does feel really unfair to me personally – but i don’t know if it’s just because this is my relationship and i’m feeling upset over this. i definitely don’t need to comply for sure, i think i would need to figure it out a lot slower than she would be willing 🙁 thank you ❤️

  6. Use this as the perfect opportunity to quit smoking. Seriously, start yourself on patches, Chantix, or even hypnotherapy. Do it, or someday, that beautiful wife and your sweet child will be watching you slowly and miserably get very old before it's time, and die. Trust me. I'm watching it right now.

  7. You do know you don’t have to have sex with him right? You say he thinks he can do anything maybe it is about time to tell him no more sex. He is not entitled to anything sexual just because he took your virginity but you need to be firm with him and tell him so


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