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  1. It seems to me like it's probably just a tradition of how she's always greeted him from being a little girl. Nothing to worry about. But I do think your feelings are valid and you should communicate them to her.

  2. I’m sorry but it’s time to accept reality. If he refuses to accept professional help then you need to look after your own wellbeing. I would give him an ultimatum; either go to therapy or get out of your life. You only have one of those and you don’t need a boat anchor stopping you from living your best life. It might even help him to sort himself out.

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  4. How many are we talking?

    Personally I would lay them out and pick your best three and give her them rather than all of them.

    Would you think it would weird her out if she discovered that someone who's not her friend has been drawing her without her knowing? What would she possibly think?

    It's all in the delivery – be confident when you tell her and ask her out to do something youll both like. Going in there ready to take it on the chin if she rejects you is good but don't be like mopey about it. Maybe you could pop your number on the back of one of the best drawings?

  5. This is the same guy who screamed at you because you wouldn’t make him a sandwich and said he was only with you because of your ‘caring nature.’

    Have some self respect and dump this guy.

  6. It’s been like 3 years so I’m much better.

    No Contact is everything.

    I hope you feel better, you can always message me if you need to.

  7. Impulse control can be very poorly regulated in individuals with ASPD. He may not have even meant to tell the mother originally, but he’ll do what he can now to manipulate the situation to his advantage. And isolating OP from a concerned family member would certainly be to his advantage.


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