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  1. You’re a grown up. Nobody can tell you you’re not allowed to dye your hair unless you let them. I just think you need to think about if he really loves you to begin with, if hair dye will destroy everything you have.

  2. Neither one of us knows how she actually behaves. I gave an interpretation based on my own experience with someone who does this to an extreme (pathological) degree. You obviously have not experienced something like that. I'm happy for you.

  3. Good question, his job title pegs him as a high earner undoubtedly. He has not spent any money on me or around me yet.

  4. A lot of schools use software which automatically checks your paper against a database. Like any technology, it is not perfect and false positives are possible. That's what I'm guessing has happened here, I think you will be fine, don't sweat it too much.

  5. You guys are in no absolute fucking way good for each other, you both need to work on emotionally maturing and your own self awareness before dating.. I’m honestly in shock this is a 35/33 year olds relationship.

    I’m not even talking about the hiccup honestly because that’s not even..

    So first, when two adult humans inter a relationship they actually want to communicate their feelings, they do not tip toe around labels and they are very clear on how they feel about one another so that there are no assumptions.

    Building a relationship with out a foundation of good communication is like trying to build a concrete slab out of just sand. There is nothing to hold it together.

    If someone isn’t clear with their communication on if you’re dating, walk the fuck away. Not talking and being unclear about how you feel is not “organic”.. organic is simply how you meet, if it’s not organic you’re looking for a partner on a dating sight and it feels more “manufactured” and organic is meeting out in the wild. That’s it. Don’t romanticize not being clear about what you want.. it’s not healthy.

    Second, and holy shit I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen this mentioned.. with his insane back and forth of not being clear about his feelings.. who the hell is he to go through your phone when you were in the shower?

    He refuses to build clear communication with you and the minute that he felt insecure he thought instead of talking to you he should just snoop? Yea totally the best choice.

    And like, I won’t be harsh about this because I get that it takes time but before you.. really start dating, for your own benefit it’s really a good idea to figure out how to start gaining self validation instead of relying on anyone else as that is an extremely heavy burden AND weapon to give to someone. When your validation comes from you.. no one can easily manipulate you.. when your validation comes from you.. I promise relationships will work more smoothly..

    That’s what a real adult relationship looks like, TONS of communication, mutual trust and love, appropriate personal boundaries (no going through each others personal crap) and loving evchother and pushing one another to validate themselves rather then allowing your worth to fall only on that other person.

    I wish you luck, this guy is not perfect, he’s not your dream guy.. don’t let yourself tell this romantic story in your head.. go work on yourself and find someone who’s better suited.


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