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  1. Watching my mom die from cancer has been the single hardest event of my life…. I cannot even fathom how saintly your wife must be to not have kicked you to the curb already. You're clearly a narcissist who cannot stand not being the center of attention, even while her mother is dying. DYING…. I would say eventually you'll see how it feels, but I'm not convinced you're capable of caring that much about your parents. I hope your wife sees this post.

  2. It sounds like he's the one with the brain of a teenager, to be honest; if he doesn't understand that words have meaning and consequences, then he's got some learning to do.

    Given that you've said you do everything around the house and work full time, it may be worth pointing this out to him in a completely serious manner, explaining that whilst he gets downtime and a freedom from responsibility, you get none because everything is on your shoulders. If he cared at all, he'd take a little of that weight off your shoulders – you're asking for 30 minutes of his time once a f***ing week just so that you can relax a little once a week.

    You could also make a list of everything that you do and show him the list during this conversation.

    If he doesn't listen, or if he rejects your assessment of the situation, or if he doesn't learn and pick up the slack, then I strongly recommend reinforcing your argument by going on strike until he notices.

    Simply put, if your partner isn't willing to listen and take you seriously, they're not your partner. Don't make his food, don't take care of his clothes, don't clean up after him. When he realises how many tasks he suddenly has piling up, just say “it wasn't just one simple task, was it?”

  3. OP, you’ll start realising that the way you are is not a bad thing. When you are young you are exposed to all these celebrities and changes in hormones and etc there is a lot happening

    Your body hasn’t finished changing yet.

    At your age I wanted plastic surgery and I decided against it and I’m glad because when you learn to stop living for others and live! for yourself. You just need to change the vibe around you and in this case people (your boyfriend) around you.

    The right person would not be having digs at your body. I dated someone like him once when I was 19. Best thing I ever did was leave him. Now I’m married to the most supportive man who if I have ever brought up surgery tells me I’m amazing just the way I am.

    But staying with him will not help you

  4. “Honey, you don't seem to be respecting the agreements we make about money. I don't want to give you an ultimatum, I don't want to be an asshole about it. I'm just at my wits end and it's causing a huge problem for me because I feel like I can't breathe from the amount of pressure I'm under financially to support the both of us. And that pressure is causing me to be upset and angry with you which I also don't want. I don't want to resent the woman I love. How do you propose that we deal with this issue in a way that ensures our ongoing financial stability? What can I do that would make it easier for you to follow the budget you agreed to?”

  5. If you're dating an immigrant, you can't be ambivalent about marriage forever. It's the quickest and easiest path to permanent residency. But yes, it's still pretty early on, don't get pressured into a marriage you aren't ready for.

  6. A lot of people got held back a year and were told by mom that it's normal in the comments. Y'all know 18 is legal adult age cuz that's when you're supposed to graduate high school, right? 19 is in college ? ?

  7. So he doesn't know that you unclog every single one? Is it possible that he thinks that his method has been working this entire time and that's why he's so stuck on it?

  8. It actually isn't. There is nothing on the internet besides his name and his work email. No address, no phone number, no contacts, no social media, no nothing.

  9. His hair, his choice.

    You could say it if you think it's worth it – hey i don't find long hair attractive. But its ultimately up to him to decide how he wants to be.

    From there you have to decide what you want to do if he decides he wants to keep his hair as is, but don't nag him or force him into it.

  10. Her friend was in town and broke up with her bf so I know they made her a tinder.

    Do the untrue things your wife said apply to her friend? Is it possible she is texting the friends’ ex as some kind of catfishing post-breakup revenge plot?

    Is her friend more conventionally attractive? She could be using her friends’ life as an on-line persona of sorts. I guess it depends on what specifically she lied about.

    Or she’s just straight up cheating. Regardless the secrecy & volume of texts is not acceptable and you’re right to be concerned.

  11. I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this and I’m sorry I don’t have an advice but one thing I do know though is that whatever you decide to do, you’ll be fine in the end and there’s light at the end of the tunnel


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