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  1. Why did he suddenly to think to ask such a weird question now and not 6 years ago? Why didn't she just lie to him now? Were she and the friend both of the mentality that the other already told him so it was best to simply never bring up the topic? If they had stayed away from contacting each other at all, that would be an appropriate reason for them to not have actually known whether or not the other had told him.

    Has the nature of this on-off relationship been full of confrontation avoidance? If so, was that in character of both OP and his wife? Why wasn't he asking every time they got back together about sexual partners she had in the period they were broken up?

    I feel like this is lacking so much info necessary to make an actual assessment.

  2. Niether, my girlfriend wanted to see what it was like for a guy on tinder. She was swiping left on everyone but she came onto a profile and i was like wait wtf that's my coworker. Took the screengrab and then showed my coworker on the monday morning. She said that wasn't her, said it was scary and asked for the screen grab so she could try and get it taken down. They did take it down too she tells me so it ended well.

  3. She could get a job. That was how I secured my financial future. I also took care of my child without any support from the ex. Then I saved for my retirement and bought a house. Don't take care of her. Let her do that. Give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish.

  4. It doesn’t matter what’s a joke to me or not. I don’t have an issue with pronouns if the person truly believes it benefits them and it isn’t just to have control over one thing. I don’t know your ex tho, what I do know is that mentally stable people don’t do what you are doing. It’s why I hate the age of consent because people like you take advantage of it… it’s not supposed to be so ADULTS can have sex with children. You are a fully grown man who dated the LOWEST possible age where you couldn’t get in legal trouble. You dated some who was 16 – trans – changed pronouns – dumped you over a video games because that’s what they were programmed into even tho hog warts legacy has basically no impact on the author – and again DATED A 24 year old A mentally stable child would not do all of these things. I believe you took advantage of them, and that’s what I don’t think is a joke… if they were my daughter and you were the boyfriend I would have a serious conversation with my child and most likely … nevermind

  5. You are not very specific with what is happening other than the effects on you. OK.

    First, check with your landlord to see if the place has been rented out and if you can go month to month. If you rent from a medium or big company ask if they have any rentals coming up. Work on finding a new place. That is where your energy should go.

    Ignore the bf. He's not helping. You are done with him.

    Trust yourself: if he gives you so much grief about moving in, what is it going to be like when you have to share chores and bills? UGH.

  6. Lmao just saw that.. sooo OP are u married or not?

    If u are im saying go dump the poopster for the ex! He's closer to ur age anyway!

    Wtf is wrong with ppl ??‍♀️

  7. Absolutely. Yeah, situations like this can be creepy and if she doesn't reply, you should obvs respect that. But she told you that she was single and liked your socials? You've got a shot.

  8. INFO:

    Why wasnt your “date”/girlfriend/partner now ex invited to this get-together? If they have met before that would be natural, wouldnt it?

    You had already given this girl friend a gift when you met her, you should be put off by her lying to you, then after that she made excuses to spend alone time with you TWICE, and neither of the two times you stopped to think if this was really a good idea?

    You mentioned in an earlier comment that you had given your “date” reassurance on multiple occasions, what kind of reassurance did you give her? -Because you also mentioned you hadnt defined your relationship with her, and that doesnt sound like reassurance to me.

    What did you do when your “date” came to collect her stuff? What did your friend do when your “date” came to collect her stuff??

    Also, if you let your “date” know you were celebrating this girls birthday, and also gave her a gift, she could easily have checked facebook to find out that YOU (from her perspective) lied to her. That alone would put her off, and seeing as you haven't dated for long, she probably didnt care enough to ask you why you lied. Did you explain to your “date” that your friend lied to you? And if yes, why did you continue to hang out with her?

    It sounds like your friend has actively attempted (and succeeded) at breaking up a potential relationship for you. How does that make you feel? (You also need to take responsibility for not putting a stop to this)


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