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  1. You don't because you did nothing wrong. The one who needs to make things right is your girlfriend by taking a spoon of her own medicine and starting to talk to you. How would you make something right when you don't even know what her problem is?

    Is it the bruden of the knowledge? But why did she ask in the first place?

    Was it to much at once? Then why didn't she stop you?

    Or is it some kind of disgust because you left your father to die alone after all that he did?

    This whole situation is yor girlfriends fault and she needs to start talking to you.

  2. I’m going to say something that hasn’t been mentioned. And let me preface it by saying this: I have never and will never cheat. I don’t lie to people about who I am, what I do and, if I’m not happy, I have no problem voicing that. I do, however, have friends who cheat and I have slept with girls in college who I later found out were in relationships.

    Here’s what doesn’t make sense to me. You’re in your family’s house, and he’s somehow just alone with your sister long enough for this conversation to go down? I’m not saying it can’t happen but that’s pretty fucking brazen. Literally anyone could walk into the kitchen or overheat the conversation. It seems a little… off to me.

    Again, maybe the guy is good at hiding it. Many cheaters are. But it just feels too arrogant to hit on someone’s sister in the family house.

    As a quick aside that I think is relevant, my ex-wife and I would play the what if game all the time. Just dumb shit. One time, I asked her: “What would you do if you walked in the room and I was giving your best friend (who is super cute) a back rub?” Her reply was: “How would you even get close enough to her for that to happen?”

    However dumb that story is, I think that same sentiment applies.

  3. “a man can build a 1,000 bridges and suck dick once. To the world, he's not a bridge builder, he's a cock sucker.”

    WTF are you on about? Was this some saying your grandpa used 50 years ago?

  4. Wow you’re an AH. Your brother is fine. You know a common therapy is having a companion dog with you all the time. Leave your brother alone. I hope he finds better friends.

  5. Idk what to do

    Leave her. DO NOT marry her. You tried talking about it enough times. All the things she asked you to change were nonsense. She's not attracted to you anymore and those were just excuses. This is not fixable. Leave!

  6. So with Xanax, if you’ve taken enough to sleep through a sexual assault, when you wake up you’d be EXTREMELY groggy. Like you might struggle to open your eyes. It’s commonly prescribed for anxiety and to my knowledge isn’t commonly used as a date rape drug. But if it was in a baggie instead of a pill bottle that seems odd to me. I would definitely suggest not accepting any drinks from your boyfriend from now on.

  7. His verbal abuse is inexcusable. Policing his profile and 7 year old photos on a waning social network is concerning. It's controlling, and a fixation rooted in insecurity. People are allowed to have a past.

  8. You could get a Yolink system.

    The voice hub can be be programed to say custom things.

    Our freezer door doesn't always close all the way. I very carefully placed a sensor on the door that can tell when it isn't 100% shut. If it stays like that for 3 minutes, the voice comes on and says “check freezer door”

    I can also set it to send me a text message. You could have the texts sent to her.

  9. Yeah totally. Say you’re dating someone who has typically made all the plans for the relationship. This includes short term things like dates as well as longer term, like being the person to initiate conversations about when to move in together, etc. This person has expressed that they don’t like being the only person who makes plans. They’ve been asking for change for years. And this is just one area of your lives that you haven’t really taken an active part in. Finally you start to understand the problem and take steps to change it, but it’s so late in the game now that every small neglectful thing you do has a magnified impact. Say you forget to plan a date for your only free night together since you’ve been working nights for 3 weeks (and work has been another point of contention for the two of you). Your partner gently expresses that he’s sad you didn’t plan anything. It’s now too late to make him feel good about the evening by planning something, because the point was you should have planned it without prompting, since he’s been asking you to do stuff like that for years. So it was your action (or inaction) that prompted his feeling sad, and you need to take responsibility for your inaction and also take steps to apologize and redress the situation.

  10. He doesn't hide anything, he is absolutely open about the whole situation. I am just hating their relationship. I'm not even sure if it's about me or about him being treated like shit, that bothers me.

  11. He needs to handle his personal stuff today so give him the space to do it. If he hasn’t opened up by the next day or communicate that he’s still dealing with it then pull back. Whatever it is more of a priority than his relationship that he needs to deal with. Just let him know that you are available to talk. If he’s still leaving you out after a couple of days then completely disconnect. You are not his go to person and you shouldn’t hang on to a guy that can’t communicate.


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