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7 thoughts on “Sia ;3 Click that buttons =, > the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Girl, I want to shake you naked! OMFG you sound like I did 20 years ago. It has been an exhausting relationship and they DO NOT CHANGE. I believed his lies every time please do not waste your life like I did. It's just not all the porn but the lies. Who wants a relationship with someone who can't tell the truth. I am 56 and I am finally leaving so hopefully I can find some happiness in my life time. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY LIFE

  2. Go see a doctor. Tell them everything that you did, starting with the amount you drank. Maybe you just got too drunk. Maybe the alcohol interacted with something else you took (prescription or not). Maybe you are just at the age where psychological issue start showing up in certain people, and you drew the psychosis straw. You're not going to find out without a professional's help.

  3. Your girlfriend didn't just get pregnant – you got her pregnant.

    Sounds like you're making bad choices, and she doesn't want to deal with your immaturity at such a challenging time. Can't blame her.

  4. I have some friends that are going through this now. One person has depression that makes them a poor partner, not maintaining the household close to 50/50, not able to give support to their partner when their partner needs it, and a few other things have just ended up making the relationship no longer work for the other person. Everyone has needs and while it can be sad for everyone involved, you sometimes have to leave a relationship that can no longer meet your needs.

    But also! You have an anxiety disorder which probably means that in your head, your husband is already leaving you and the worst case scenarios are all happening. But that's not necessarily what is happening here – it sounds like he wants you to get better so you can have a life together that meets both your needs. So just focus on yourself and getting better and not freaking out about things that will hopefully not happen. If therapy isn't helping you, consider finding a different therapist.

  5. Do you have any other interests and other people you enjoy hanging out with? Are you stressed or anxious if you're with a friend or your family and he's not there? Are you hurt or anxious if he does something without you? If you can say yes to the first and no to the second and third, you're fine. It's when you start feeling like you have to be with him all the time and don't have interest in doing anything else that it can get to be an issue. Then you get an unhealthy dependence on each other and the fear of losing him can cause you to be anxious, jealous, fearful, etc. If he's your favorite person and you miss him but aren't anxious when you're not with him, it's perfectly normal.


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