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  1. Well he loves you. I think he has proven himself.

    If you do not start together – I think eventually you will lose him – he will eventually find a girlfriend and you will find a boyfriend and this will end.

    Think you should just ask him – should we continues as friends or should we see if best friends can be lovers as well?

  2. I don’t think there needs to be an asshole for sure. But we can’t play off the girlfriends behavior as something normal or respectful like what the comment I originally responded to seemed to imply.

  3. Look at you, digging your heels in like you're very hot shit. No wonder your dad is trying to get in your face? You totally goad him into it.

  4. Judging from OP’s comments, that’s not word for word what she said. He’s twisted her words. She just said she wants to be a bride, not that she wants it more than being married.

  5. Yeah, I don’t agree with this either. Personally, I am against the idea of tracking your partner or them tracking you. But if I wasn’t, and my partners location changed to unknown, my first reaction would NOT be to develop a sour puss look on my face, then hop on Reddit suggesting he’s being suspicious and hiding something. I certainly would not play stupid games to try to win a stupid prize, by sending him screenshots then shutting mine off. Instead, I would use my words “Did you know that twice your phone went to location unknown?” Even then I probably would assume a glitch, gps issue, or a dead cell phone. The fact that she leaped straight to the up to no good, IMO speaks the loudest here. Unless he has a big cheating hx to explain this kind of gigantic leap to this conclusion, then she doesn’t seem like she is in a healthy space in her mind for a LDR relationship and should probably end things with someone she has no trust in.


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