Simone Smith on-line sex chats for YOU!

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13 thoughts on “Simone Smith on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. You would definitely rather be getting his honesty than lying to you and saying it back only to have it come back and haunt you when his emotional unavailability rears it head down the line

  2. You and u/angradillo are a lot like my parents – one 1000% protective of my interests and my trailblazer, the other one with an experiential/liveandlearn/workedforme approach. I love them both very much, but a disagreement on a reddit thread was cited as their cause for divorce 😉

  3. u both r not growing together . it feels like u have inferiority complex and she needs some one to rely on firmly . am basing it on your blog . the relationship hasn’t changed for so long . you may have true love but your relationship never grown to maturity with time . i’d say go for couple therapy or individual counseling and address her running away problem and your role in the relationship. otherwise ,i can see you both are gonna end up in the same place where you are today .

  4. I hear you, but here is the hyper fixation on her trying to do it for other people, she genuinely could just enjoy her style of dress. Its up to you to trust her that she isn’t doing it for other people. Dont like it, leave?

  5. I am in a similar situation, and honestly? After 2 years my bf has never moved passed it despite in the beginning being thankful I told him upfront and assuring me it was not a big deal. Now anytime we fight he brings it up but says it was actually me cheating on him, when I said it is not and remind him we 1, we not exclusive, 2 I told him upfront we were not exclusive, and 3 I told him what happened immediately when he wanted to be exclusive, it doesn’t matter. To him it will always be that I cheated on him and it is a very sore subject. If this is truly something that will continue bothering you, do not continue the relationship. It is not worth the exhaustion it will cause either of you.

  6. But he was taking me out, coming over to my house, texting me all the time?He was a fuckboy and he only wanted her sexually too until I don't know what changed and he decided to become a bf?

  7. I mean, there are ways of making sure you are satisfied, but it's important to keep in mind, men cannot control when they cum


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