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  1. Go to a divorce lawyer. Draw up divorce papers, make sure to get full custody and really put the screws to husband on child support and division of assets. Move half of financial assets into accounts your husband can't touch. Get a paternity test done. Show him the paternity results. Then laugh at him for being stupid over how genetics work. Then hand him divorce papers.


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  3. Set a time limit and go from there. You'll figure it out, and letting go is a skill you can learn.

  4. She will also say she is with her friend A, and with friend A all night but pictures live is a large group of people and when I ask her like oh you met up with friends? She says what do you mean I was with A all night. We have talked about this a few times and twice it has lead to an argument where she was crying and claiming I have a problem every time she hangs out with her friends.

    This seems like an overly dramatic response to you just wanting some clear communication. Honestly, I'd be suspicious here, especially since she just “seems” to end up at that joint every time you're not there. I'd be super uncomfortable with the whole thing.

  5. I'm sorry this happened to you, you are so young and dont deserve this. I don't think porn should be in a monogamous relationship because it escalates into dangerous territory, think drug addicted brain. It's just not worth the pain.


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