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12 thoughts on “Smiley Sunday on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Thanks for the your kind words. I'm trying to thing about personal responsibility as well, but the issue that I'm easily manipulated with a guilt, so these threats works extremely well for now. Trying to address this issue currently.

  2. She can run around in whatever she wants in her home and still not want sex. If he's so horny it's becoming a problem for him and she's not up for sex, he can masturbate like a normal person.

  3. The real issue is that you dated him after he said that. It’s part of testing what you will tolerate and what boundaries he will push.

  4. I hope these people don't watch the extreme violence in mma without pulling out the fainting couch first. They could fall on their head and die immediately apparently.

  5. “I lose respect for her temporarily” please dump her for both your sakes, I understand your reasoning but why are you even with her if you're able to lose your respect for her “temporarily”? If you're just keeping her around for sex then you're not much better.

  6. Could you just say that and go to someone you knew for years and have a special friendship? I can’t and I specified that. It’s a very naked thing to just go and act like nothing, I wish I could but it’s impossible to me

  7. Take that to r/legaladvice

    Intentions are what makes him a creep, and her justified in my mind.

    Her intentions are only to have evidence of his disgusting actions should he try to delete the files and deny their existence.

  8. If this is a brand new relationship, it may not always be this hot and heavy.

    I get that it feels weird to have a 4th roommate you didn’t choose all the sudden. But she also probably feels weird living with a couple sometimes, and enjoys having her own person in her home too.

    That said, I’d look at your lease. Some leases have clauses about guests or when you need to make a 4th person official because landlords don’t want non tenants living in their space. If that’s in the lease, let her know.

    If you want him around less, you’ll have to have the awkward convo that you don’t know him and don’t feel comfortable living with a stranger yet,

    If you like him and he actually is there all the time, suggest adding him to the lease and bills.


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