Smiley Sunday

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5 thoughts on “Smiley Sunday

  1. Not only reasonably healthy, right around ideal weight. 112 would've been right in the cusp of underweight

    Op, have you exhibited a change in lifestyle or behavior that would indicate this is an actual lifestyle concern? Significant increase in junk food consumption, reduction in physical activity?

  2. You're only 20 so if you've felt for years like you were someone he considered dating, he's a creepy-ass dude. But also, this “relationship” has not been as you imagined. And you're not even in the same state. You need to block him and move on. Date local guys your same age for a few more years.

  3. You can't explain to a 8 y.o kid why her mom has suddenly be kicked out, they would star crying bc she's not there


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