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  1. So if you love your gf you can get rid of the crush my getting rid of your crush and not putting yourself in a position to get a crush

    However idk where you are from but there is a chance based off of your age difference that y’all may be in different stages of life so you a developing a crush on someone in your stage of life ?

    However you do u

  2. Well, not being able to see you probably kills the mood for him.

    Naked to feel intimacy with a person that doesn't want you to look at them.

  3. This isn’t a relationship. It’s enabling. He’s sick: mentally and physically. Do not waste any more time in a relationship that is going nowhere. HE pulled a gun in you?! Call the cops, get a restraining order and get him out of your life. He needs serious mental health help. You have to do this for you both. There is jot future here that ends well.

  4. I guess my only thing is can you handle your daughter on your own for a month? How much do owe your wife and mother of your daughter time to find some balance? If my husband said he needed a month away and I knew the date and arrival time I think I would do it. I think love is a wild thing. And if you face time every night before bed and talk I don’t particularly see why not.


    What about resentment? A month alone is a lot? Will your daughter be upset so upset that it will hurt their relationship forever, honestly depending on her age and reassurance she will be fine. But will you? Will you wonder if she’s cheating? Worrying if she’s safe?

    It’s funny how one month can change a life time. Ask her if you asked the same how would she feel? If you decided to quit your job, stop all your responsibilities, leave you and her alone.

    How would she feel?

    It’s hot to have a normal life, have a normal life, and live a life that isn’t luxurious and fancy with adventure.

    It’s only nude, if your missing one thing : gratitude

    She needs to learn and see that her normal everyday life that’s nude, not what she thought it was gonna be is actually the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

    To be perfectly honest I don’t know what’s actually right or wrong here. Or what could happen. She could end up really regretting it, or y’all could be stronger then ever for it.

    I wish you best of luck, just know one thing, this is about her and not her lack of love for y’all.

  5. There's bigger issues at play here. Her threatening to punish him for embarrassing her, him not being willing to give a simple apology. If he frequently comes home not feeling well, with a headache, with no social energy, etc, I expect she knows this. It would be polite to give him a heads up so he can mentally prep his customer service routine. If he's in a really bad mood, he should likewise give her a heads up. Perhaps she would choose to meet with the friend elsewhere, or to even let the friend know that he's not feeling well so likely will just need to sleep when he's home. Then the expectation is there for all parties: he can be polite but not feel like there's pressure to do more other than say hello and maybe chat for a few seconds, wife doesn't have to be embarrassed, the friend who likely doesn't care about any of this isn't caught in the middle of some incredibly stupid BS.

    Tbh, if I were the friend, I would probably pick up on the fact that she was going to whisper yell at this dude. If she was able to just go check and see what was up, and he took some time to decompress and then came out like “hey sorry, really rough day at work but I didn't mean to ignore you or make you feel unwelcome,” I'd think nothing of it. Instead, it's at reddit post status. I would not be super keen on visiting at this time again, and that's on both of them

  6. Weddings have a ton of costs associated with it and best man/groomsmen/bridesmaids are all on the hook for their own stuff.

    Talk it out with them. Likely it was their significant other that picked out these suits. If they're decent people they'll either cover the suit or come up with an alternative. Excessive suit rental costs are a luxury, and totally unnecessary (still come to around mid $200's for a full ensemble).

    If they don't you'll have to either cough up the money or back out from being best man because you can't afford what they're requiring of you.

    Certainly not a fun conversation, but if you can't afford it that's just the facts. Hopefully they don't take it personally, but if they do, they're not best friend material.

    My wife and I made sure our people could afford what they needed, and reached out to those individually that we suspected might have a hard time come up with the money

  7. Have your coworker's hours reduced so that you no longer share a shift with him.

    Saves costs for your employer.

    Incentivizes your coworker to find another job.


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