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15 thoughts on “Sofie Cakes live webcams for YOU!

  1. Forget it, indian with a white woman with a previous child, he is just trying to convince you that he wants to stay with you but at the end with the clear idea that he will marry in India and you will be his side chick.

  2. Or or or or right…..

    And hear me out….

    You communicate you have a thing for him?

    I know, I know. Wild idea!

    Lol, this my level of sarcasm ?

  3. Thank you! I really don’t think she’s talking to someone else. Otherwise, if she does get divorced, I guess the only way to tell is time

  4. Probably so. I do a lot for other people and accept little in return. He makes me feel like I ask for a lot although I probably don’t. I just ask for normal things…help pay bills, be faithful, clean up after yourself, and be responsible for your own responsibilities.

  5. “My body, my choice” applies to your right to wear condoms. There’s only one reason she could have a problem with that, and that’s if she’s wanting to conceive.

    There are apps (like Natural Cycles) that use your temperature and algorithms to make the rhythm method very effective, but from your post it doesn’t sound like she’s doing anything like that.

    Honestly, credit to you as a guy for being aware of this and being willing to use condoms rather than leaving your reproductive health in her hands. This is an impressive display of self-determination and she should be pleased that you’re so considerate of both of you and of your future. Don’t back down on this one.

  6. I knew what cheating was before I knew what sex was. I can remember being four years old and watching my mom cry and both of them fighting. She stayed with him telling my two sisters and me that it was for us. Ask her three adult children if they wish they divorced? The three will say yes. Ask her three adult children if they have issues in their relationships, the answer is yes. Your decision will affect your kids, so think and choose wisely. Do you want them to have a fighting chance as adults in their own relationships?

  7. “She lives the easy life”? Really?!

    I suggest you educate yourself about prostitution and maybe you'll stop exploiting this woman.

  8. Your marriage (a vow of exclusive commitment) is literally founded on a lie, and you refuse to be honest with your husband. Frankly, I hope you do not lose feelings for the coworker because it will make it harder for you to keep up this charade and your unlucky spouse may have a chance at a marriage with the RIGHT woman.


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