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❤, Make Me Tremble❤ [GOAL MET]

8 thoughts on “sonyaparker

  1. I love that someone else see and do things ass me, I don't feel so alone now, but I see what you mean, meny thanks for you comment??

  2. Your mental health and well-being is your number one priority. You hardly know this person and they are bullying you and abusing your help and friendship.

    You do not have to keep them in your life, you owe them nothing.

    Tell your friends that you won’t be meeting with them if this person is there too.

    Also, I do t know anything about servers (sorry, to old don’t go on them) but is there no way you can block her so you’re still active and visible but you can’t see any of her shit?

  3. Because it is still considered child pornography. Also, if you send it to some one else, you can receive an additional charge of distributing child pornography and if it's another minor you send it to, then you fall under distributing child porn to a minor.

  4. But he doesn't actually want to stay with you. He wants a girlfriend without having to be a boyfriend.

  5. You’re not ready for marriage so be honest. These woman can be free, not waste their time on you, and find a suitable partner.

  6. A. OP never said he took very hot photos of her against her will or without her knowledge. If that was the case, then that becomes a completely different issue.

    B. Most guys will consume porn in different ways even being in a happy relationship. There's nothing out of the ordinary in that.

    These takes sound like they are coming from somebody who's been living in the cave or never interacted with another person romantically in their life.

  7. It’s not about turning me on or not tbf, as it happens during non-segs activities. It is just weird sometimes. I know I have a “mother” personality as I am an elder sister and took care of my family – maybe he’s detected this trait of mine and he likes getting cared about. That’s what I’ve supposed honestly.


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