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  1. 1st paragraph seeks explanation on why/how op hates being alone

    2nd paragraph provides advice to try to enjoy being alone and find ways to not view being alone as loneliness

    3rd paragraph seeks explanation on why they haven't done anything before this to solve the issue – or if they have, it wasn't explained so I'm assuming little has been done about it.

    If that's unwarranted judgement and harsh then call me a critic!

  2. WOW! I see who wear the pants in this marriage. I always say, you have to know your personnel. Go fuck yourself, my wife could never speak to me in fashion. She knows it would be serious consequences.

  3. I meant that we wanted to reduce his own workload by having the dog go elsewhere so he didn’t have to feed, manage, take out to potty, etc. so he sent the dog to the kennel

  4. Exactly my sentiments. ? this is a time for support, love, and sympathy. he shouldnt be bad mouthing his wife, and it makes it even worse that hes bad mouthing his wife whose situation was brought in by a serious medical situation. he sees the weight but doesnt see the circumstances surrounding it – injury, surgery, rehab, depression, change in lifestyle, etc. how shallow.

  5. Porn is normal. Having trouble the first few times you're with someone new is also normal, especially if you're inexperienced.

    Don't freak out on yourself over this. Is it a porn addiction, or did you simply choose to use porn even though your girlfriend didn't want you to?

  6. i understand your concerns. i would just like people to consider that there are vets with ptsd who read these threads. i think he's actively trying to push people away. i don't think his coping methods are great.

    i just also want to say that vets aren't inherently dangerous and need to be ostracized, even ones having a very hot time with ptsd, even ones who are working through that in non socially acceptable ways. vets are far more likely to harm themselves than others – note the suicide themes.

    i am not saying she needs to or even should stay with him, of course.

  7. At the beginning (when I first ‘caught’ him masturbating) he was the one shooting down intimacy. Every since the OF incident happened he has been all over me, but then these past few weeks he’s gone back to his old patterns. Then last night happened.

  8. Yes.

    We're in counseling right now because especially lately, he's been depressed and views me asking literally anything of him as me being controlling and trying to assert my will on him.

  9. There is no doctor that could see these issues ( if they’ve seen them at all) and not give her paperwork that she can submit for disability.

    Do me a favor and speak to any single disabled person for once in your life. This is completely and utterly untrue.


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