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6 thoughts on “Sophiavey live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. I am a recovering anxious attachment type. My therapist also mentioned I also display avoidant traits sometimes.

    So you’re saying that me expecting more affection and attention is fueled by my anxiety and it seems like he’s just getting comfortable around me?

    My problem with the situation is I don’t feel cared for at times and idk how he sees me. I am not sure if I should just be open about this and talk about it.

  2. Who's them? “you have developed feelings for her” !

    The answer is in your question “you both have bonded at a party”

    You have both already made your minds up in your actions and your seeking validation on this platform ??

    This didnt just happen at a party this happened when your BF met her and you wanted what your BF had!

    Good Luck !

  3. At 12 children csn remember thing that are important to they. This is not an unrealistic expectation . I think you did the right thing. It’s a natural consequence for the child. Hopefully it will make her not forget again.

  4. I know that comment was hurtful. I will say though that the both of you are very young and it’s not at all unusual for one or both of you to have doubts or have urges to explore more at your age. People and circumstances change especially in the 20s.

  5. Haven't different sexual fantasies as your partner is fine and normal. But being an inconsiderate asshole isn't… If this is regular behaviour with him, then I would seriously consider ending the relationship if I were you.


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