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6 thoughts on “Squishy Booty live webcams for YOU!

  1. I bet they have been having threesomes often if not all along. She's doing everything else with the other woman.

  2. You are talking kind of weird about this situation, almost like you don't think it's a bug deal your father cheated on your mom

  3. I mean allowing the sister to keep being abused by her toxic bf or end up on the streets with 0 support is not really an acceptable answer. It's one thing if the gf says we can't do X so let's try to figure out what we can do but that doesn't seem to be the case. The gf made the call that they can't help the sister then further states if she does something that will help she's leaving. A loving partner doesn't do that which makes me thing op may be dealing with someone just as bad.

    A good partner says I don't want you to leave so what can we do together to help your sister but keep us together. It's a huge red flag to give this ultimatum without working with a partner.

  4. Have you thought of getting a vasectomy? They are reversible and it would show her that you have stepped up in the relationship


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